Pickled Artichoke Hearts (Carciofo)

I’ve been on a bender about learning to pickle and preserve some of my favourite foods. I love artichokes and I was so excited to see this easy to follow preserving recipe from http://www.milankasfinefood.com I cannot wait to give this a go and I had to share it with you, of course! ūüėĀ A thousand BIG THANK-YOU’s to this lovely blogger, for allowing me to share!

Milanka's Fine Food


For my 100th recipe post I would like to share with you a simple pickled Artichoke recipe.  If you have never eaten or cooked this vegetable do not be alarmed by it’s exotic appearance.  It can be prepared in a number of different ways, on this occasion I will simply pickle and preserve them.  Artichokes were enjoyed by the ancient Romans, Greeks and throughout the Mediterranean as well as the Arab cultures and North African. They  have a dramatic flower like appearance however, prepared in traditional Italian marinated style they evoke magnificent flavours and textures.  A friend was kind enough to share with me a large number of Artichokes from her sister’s garden.  How could I refuse fresh Artichokes lovingly grown in a home garden! I hope that you enjoy this  simple healthy recipe using this magnificent fresh vegetable which contains the highest level of antioxidants for vegetables.

8-10 Artichokes (trimmed, washed, outer leaves removed)
1/4 cup…

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    1. mliae says:

      Totally does. I can’t wait to try this!

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