A Happy Start to Christmas Weekend!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

It’s the Friday before Christmas…and what am I doing? Well, blogging at the moment. LOL But besides that, I’ve been cleaning like a squirrel on crack for the past 2 days. Seems like I got my energy back. Yay! And when I say cleaning – I mean cleaning! Scrubbing lamps, walls, windows – the whole shebang. And it’s festive 😀

Although I am usually quite conservative about the amount of holiday decor I put out, this year, I have completely lost my mind and it’s been a blast! It began with a small tree and a string of lights on a tree outside. It’s mutated into lots more lights everywhere (and in every window) with Christmas candles burning & Christmas tunes blaring – around the clock. I even put on a potpourri simmer today.

I don’t know why but there’s something about a 7 hour spotify Christmas music playlists and lots of twinkling lights that just make me lose my mind. In a good way 😉

I’m so excited and really in the Christmas spirit this year! How about you? How’s it going?Any Christmas nerds out there singing along to shop music with me? (Oh yea, I’m that girl. My Fiancé has been keeping his distance)

Happy Holidays!


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8 thoughts on “A Happy Start to Christmas Weekend!”

  1. Yesterday I finished my last Christmas Reminiscence gig with my dementia groups. I really gear up for these sessions as my clients love to recall their favorite Christmas memories. Raising their quality of life during the Christmas season is a biggie for me. I give and receive plenty of Christmas cheer which carries over into my own celebration with family. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be with people I really love and enjoy spending time with. For whatever reason my Mother has abandoned the ritual of putting up a Christmas tree. So this year I went to Ebay and was blessed to find a Christmas sweater covered with a huge well-decorated tree. I will walk in with this sweater and get lots of wonderful reactions, which I love. Yep! I’m bringing the tree. When all goes well [‘ya gotten know these people], it will not only help to add sparkle to the holiday, but help me [hopefully them too] to carry this glee into 2017. Merry Christmas!


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