Blogging in the Twilight Zone: Am I the Asshole?

When your need for dignified blogging lands you in a comment war with a teenager.

Yes, I realize going into this that it’s probably going to be a shit-storm. I also know that I am not alone. So, speak up, people!

I don’t want to sling mud, so the blog I’m referring to will remain anonymous. She is, after all, quite young and I don’t desire to inflict harm. I do however, want to find out who else has done this and why.

So here’s how it went down: Late last evening, I’m scrolling through blogs. It’s Christmas. I haven’t had a solid nights sleep in days, and I don’t care because its been a great holiday! So anyway – I come across this blog (that I follow- because its supposed to be news-y & political discussions & there have been some read worthy posts.) I had to check out the article because the last one I read seemed to be a bit of a rant against a certain group of people. So I do. And the information being portrayed as news facts, is …off. As far as I know anyway. The article was stating that Russia was sending entertainers to entertain the Syrians. I know nothing about this – could be true, could be bs. However, I do know that the entertainers who died in the plan crash yesterday, were headed for the troops to entertain for the holidays. So, I leave a comment that it is the case and it’s quit normal as USA has sent entertainers to entertain their troops for the holidays for a very long time as well …just for the record. (This is my fault. I should have just let it be. But in my mind, if you are going to pass a blog post off as news – you need to have your facts straight! Otherwise, its just propaganda.) And Hooooolyyyy shit. The response I get, you wouldn’t believe! Something along the lines of: How dare you compare the USA to this…..awful person…They never!  So I said ‘ So the US never sent people like Bob Hope & Marilyn Monroe to entertain their troops?’ Big Mistake. Apparently, ‘ignorance is a right not a duty and it is shameful to make such analogies.’      Me: ‘ Ummmm…what?! ‘ Then I lost my cool completely. (Shame on me…)   Long story – short: Apparently, by saying that those who died in the crash were Russian military musicians and comparing entertaining their own troops to the USA doing the same – has somehow been distorted to my minimizing the atrocities in Syria. WTF?! How did THAT happen?! So I just said OK and that I didn’t mean it that way – in any case- and sorry it was perceived that way.

I am still completely puzzled as to how that whole thing happened. But it also really made me think. How often do we ourselves, or others, have completely well-meaning intentions that turn ugly when people are carrying on 2 very different conversations with each other? Do we expect conflict so much that we inadvertently create it?

What do you think? Have you done this?


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59 thoughts on “Blogging in the Twilight Zone: Am I the Asshole?”

  1. I don’t think you intend bad, but sometimes you may keep your cool, and remain in a dignified manner, whilst the other person takes advantages and aids to aggregate you and your conscience, by not simply responding to your questions of curiosity but also following it with accusations which you’ll be unaware of their originations. 👍🏼
    I’d unfollow, simply because they are not News but personal profited articles.👍🏼
    Just continue with your good day and delete the scenario ever taking place. Saves you time and frustration dear. 👍🏼
    On a positive, I enjoyed reading your post.

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  2. It’s happened to me. I made a comment on someone else’s post and the blogger started out with I disagree with your opinion because….on and on. Hey – it was my opinion. Anyway I left it like that. We all have different views. That’s the beauty of blogging. Mali let it go or unfollow.

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    1. You? Seriously?? You’re one of the people who only leave nice comments – like, all of the time. I haven’t seen you having a grumpy day yet. Wow. Well, that makes me feel better!
      Unfollowed. Letting go. Still scratching my head tho. LOL

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  3. Wow. If you’re going to post stuff and have enabled the “comment” feature you have to expect that people will comment and that some of those comments may not agree with your own. I have disagreed with people and we have discussed our opinions in reasonable (and grown-up) ways. But for that person to go off on you in such a manner is just unreal. Good for you for unfollowing them and I respect your decision to not name names.

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  4. The tea kettle was probably already at a boil, and you just happened to be the unlucky one who picked it up and got burned when it exploded. I think some people are quick to anger. Add in teenage hormones and it’s even worse.
    Regarding Syria, Bob Hope etc, i think your comments were on the mark and reasonable. Some of the US flag wavers just aren’t aware of what the government does sometimes.

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  5. Oh my, isn’t it mind-boggling how someone decides to use a rocket to respond to a civilised comment. Shame on that teenager, and really no room to excuse the behaviour because of age and immaturity. We are surrounded by so much fake news that I feel duty bound to point it out when I see it. If she’d had any smarts, she’d have thanked you or have come back with the evidence that her ‘newsy’ comment was accurate. Good to know you have unfollowed. You can hold your head up high!

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  6. I learned from using email a long time ago that there are messages even in the words you do not write that you couldn’t even know existed – why? Because people will read into whatever they want, into any situation. I would have handled it the same way – and just let it go. I’m not on here to get into a pissing match with a stranger. Oh and by the way, I remember when Bob Hope used to go see the troops!! Take care.

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  7. Oh dear! I’ve never been in such a situation, but I’ve seen this before! I must say I try not to comment on political posts or posts in general where people just got their facts wrong. I also try to refrain from ‘liking’ any political content, regardless of whether I agree with the author or not – but that’s a different story.

    And in my new-found non-confrontational way I’m no longer replying with a sarcastic line like “Wow, that’s surprising!” when someone leaves a comment like “This sounds great!” under a post in which I’ve trashed a product…

    Things can get blown out of proportion – especially online. One person says one thing, the other person tries to read between the lines… And all of a sudden two people have two different conversations – and the war of words is on…

    What I wanted to say… No, you’re not an a$$hole. I would have unfollowed the other blogger (and I’d hope they’d unfollow me too), and I might have written a post about the entire thing – so I’d have done what you did. I might be biased, but I really wouldn’t consider myself to be an a$$hole, and I don’t think you’re one. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for empathizing! I have to say, you have spoken words of wisdom. I will be restraining myself as well, from now on.
      LOL on the post comments. I think I've liked a product you trashed too…but I genuinely read the post…I promise 😉
      And you, girl, are def not an a$$hole!

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      1. Thanks!

        And no worries. 😉 I’m well aware that no one reads every post of everyone they follow. People may not have the time, or people may not really care about a certain product they have no intention of buying anyway. Or they might love the product and assume the reviewer loves it too, or they have different interests in general but they still want to leave a comment to say ‘hey bud, it’s been a while but I’m still here’… And that’s fine. Blips happen.

        However, there are people who leave a comment like “wow, this sounds great, I must try it” under every single trash-product review. Oh, and they usually add “check out my latest post”. Ah well, at least it’s funny sometimes. 😉

        Anyhoo, in regards to posts that burst with errors… roll your eyes, have a laugh, tell your friends about that silly post that links the Pope’s latest travels to the current price of hairdryers… and have another laugh. But don’t get involved. I always assume these opinionated people who regularly get their facts wrong are nutters with twitchy eyes so it’s best to steer clear of them anyway…

        And Happy New Year, hun! xx

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      2. Nutters with twitchy eyes…LMAO!
        Happy New Year, Girlie! 😀 Have a fantastic one! And next time I like a product you don’t – I’ll make sure to let you know I read the post …hehehe ❤

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  8. Teenagers have many insecurities, and even suggesting in the slightest bit that they may be wrong will cause them to lash out at you as a defense mechanism. Being wrong is a weakness. Though, the USO yes sent many entertainers overseas to entertain their own troops, though Bob Hope is not a name they would be familiar with. And really that sort of thing is either no longer publicized or as commonly practiced…but still I don’t understand what negative connotation would possibly be involved with supporting your troops. No matter you country, race, or beliefs?

    So sorry you dealt with that. I’d like to think you offered them food for thought (though they would never admit it).


  9. Haha I had a chuckle at this article. I got the same reaction on my Facebook page (my blog) quite some time ago. I talked about racism and it went pretty viral in Australia.
    Anyway, there was a woman (says so in her name and profile pic), who went totally ape shit at me. I tried to explain to her where I was coming from and she just kept arguing and throwing comments at me that were irrelevant to the topic. Admittedly I got quite fed up and frustrated with her.
    As weeks went by, she would hurl abuse at so many of my Facebook posts. The best thing I did in the end was blatantly ignore her comments. And I’ve not heard from her again.

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    1. Ah, the internet….there’s always got to be one angry person, doesn’t there? Gggrrrr…. FB is the WORST too! I’d guess jealousy…especially if the post went viral. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad she’s out of your hair!

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  10. Un-following was wise. Many of the young will never realize what a truth is now days. At my old age of 73 I often wonder what they are being taught in school. On top of that you might have been dealing with the raging hormones of a teen and if it was a teen girl the possibility of PMS, (YIKES!). Give them thirty or forty years to sort it all out. That’s when they will get their Ah Ha moment…….hopefully.
    You did good, you plugged the hole in the dam or realistically pressed the un-follow key and saved a life. Yours. :o)
    Great post.

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  11. I do have a way of carrying 2 different conversations with my brother, but we always reach an impasse and get pretty confused with each other. XD I think your intentions were fine, you just wanted to point out to this blogger that her facts weren’t straight, and they MUST be if you plan to write credible news. Some people are just sensitive is all. I don’t think you intended to harm them so you’re good.

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    1. No harm intended at all. Just trying to pass along the favour, as I would want someone to tell me too.
      LOL about your brother. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! Must be male-brain / female – brain, as I do the same with my fiancé. Its like wait…what? Its so easy to get the wrong idea on text, email or blog. No context, I guess.

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      1. I’d like to point out that, anatomically, there’s no difference between a female and male brain. (I’m a Psych major, I know this crap!) But that doesn’t top the two genders from being completely different.

        The lack of context has a huge impact because you can’t hear tone or see underlying motives or any of that. It’s tough accurately representing yourself online no matter how transparent you may be.

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      2. Agreed with the lack of context. It’s surprising though that there isn’t any actual difference between the male & female brain. I learned something today! I was certain that the difference hormone levels would make some kind of difference. Seems that I was mistaken 🙂

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      3. You would think that but it isn’t the case. Men and women do however possess different strengths, hence, they use their brains differently.


  12. Been there. I sent a Tweet to an actor that I followed trying to be sarcastic about a grip that he has about trolling. He implied that people who don’t put a pic of themselves as their thumbnail are trying to hide something. My sarcastic response was that I don’t like to have my picture taken. He SLAMMED me saying that he wasn’t targeting me. When I apologized and said that as a fan I didn’t mean anything, he criticized me for bringing up his work (instead of talking to him just as a person…huh???)…THEN…I had total strangers chime in slamming me as well. I learned two things…one…Sarcasm seldom works over the internet and two….some people already have their mindset in a certain place and NOTHING that you say can change that. I now keep my comments “safe” unless it’s to someone who knows me and my humour better. Sorry that you had to go through this.

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