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Quirky Quotes 07.01.2017

“Looking can make you want. Wanting can get you thinking. If you want them to stop thinking, just give them what they want.”

-R.S. Vern

*Photo credit: Appalachian LeadershipAcademy


  1. I shit you not I swear I have actually seen the pictured woman in person. It was in Havana, she was sat on a little shuttered window ledge in an alley just like pictured and when we thought she looked funny so wanted to take a picture she started putting her hand out for money, she wanted to charge us to take her picture haha. Crazy times. Good quote too, kinda 1984 ish in theme.

    • That’s awesome! Now you’ve really got me wondering…. I just thought this pic was too perfect for the quirky quotes series. 😀 The quote is very 1984-ish. Good call 😉

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