Final Wedding Dress Shopping Tomorrow!

I’m late! I’ve been just taking my time with everything, thinking that I could pick out a dress and have it in and ready to wear in 3 months time. How wrong I was! I had no idea how long these dresses take to make, and fit, and alter, and fit…and hope its right on the BIG DAY!

I have gone to several different appointments at several different boutiques, but haven’t had that dress moment. You know the one, it involves tears and ‘Oh my God! I’m getting Married!!’ I spent a ton of time online too, and actually had a great dress in mind. One that my fiancé inadvertently picked out. I actually called about it, but the closest one was several countries away and I just cannot manage that if it doesn’t fit perfectly straight from the box.

Quite honestly, the only place I found a few promising items was at the first dress shop, which I shared a favourite with you here. I saw some others that I would like to try. So, I made an appointment at the original boutique and there a dress will be chosen. It will happen. I’ll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow is the day!

I’m really hoping I can find something will sleeves, or straps. Thats the only thing I’m really stuck on. I don’t want to be walking around all day tugging at the top of my dress. Otherwise, I’m open to everything. Who knows? Might find that moment in something I wouldn’t give a second glance otherwise.

I’ll post about it, but only when I can block my fiancés access to the blog temporarily. Anybody know how to do this?

Wish me luck!


*Photo via Übercreative

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46 thoughts on “Final Wedding Dress Shopping Tomorrow!”

  1. I bought my wedding dress back in 2010 (bought when I was planning to marry an ex, but the relationship ended 5 months before the wedding) when everything was strapless. I was incredibly difficult to find a dress with sleeves at all, but I did find a wonderful champagne coloured sample sale dress with thick shoulder straps. Not the cap or /34 sleeves I wanted but that could be altered! Fast forward 6 years (earlier this year before getting married to my now husband) and I finally got lace cap sleeves added to the dress. I did go dress shopping again but couldn’t find anything in my budget I liked as much as the dress I’d bought all those years before. It felt like a totally new dress once I had the lace cap sleeves added!

    I don’t think I had that moment in any dress of “oh my god this is the dress I’m getting married in” until I’d had the lace sleeves added to the dress. It was then, when the alterations had been made that I stood in front of the mirror tearing up because I was finally in the dress I was going to get married in.

    Hopefully you’ll have that moment tomorrow, but if you don’t, it may be that you choose a dress you LOVE but one or two alterations will change into the dress that gives you that feeling and that moment you’re looking for.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Hazel! What a great story. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with the ex, but it sounds as though it ALL worked out fabulously in the end! Congratulations to you! 😀


    1. It is sweet 🙂 But now he seems to be running for the hills. I had the photos up from the shopping trip and he saw one & said ‘OMG is that your dress?! I have to forget it!’ and ran away covering his eyes. LMAO

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      1. You are hilarious! He’s being super traditional now because he doesn’t want to know what your dress is going to look like. Super cute

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  2. Omg I can’t believe you don’t have a dress yet! 3 months out from the big day?? You will need all the well wishes you can get, so here’s one from me too. I think you can change the setting of that particular post to private, so that only your followers can see them. You can ask your fiancé nicely to “unfollow” you 😂

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  3. I don’t know how to block him from the blog, but if you’re set on doing it, may I suggest having a look in your Admin section, or asking for help from WordPress. They may have just the trick.

    I don’t blame you not wanting to tug and pull at the top of a dress on your wedding day. I dare say you’ll be running out of steam far quicker if you do. I have a feeling you are well on your way to scoring the “right” dress for you. And you’ll be stunning in it.***

    It will all work out in the end…if you just believe. Highest and Best!!!

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