When your couples workout fantasy doesn’t go as planned.

Yes, I gave it a go and found myself looking like a wimp.

My fiancé is a beast. The man works out and works out hard. Since we enjoy doing basically everything together, we had discussed how nice it would be to do a couples workout together every now and then.

I’ve really wanted to do this, but have been a bit shy to exhibit my lack of extreme workout skills in front of him. Now, please understand; It’s not like I’m incapable of exercise. I spent a large portion of this Spring/Summer working with David at Chape Personal Trainer, and he forced me to get used to some uncomfortable workouts. Luckily, I have managed a bit of stamina due to these sessions. However, I have gotten a bit comfy in my own skin recently, and my private workouts are more of a girl routine. I am not used to jumping, bending and sweating like a man.

Ok, so that’s where we were. Last night, I worked up the guts to tell my guy that I’m still interested in the couple workouts. Today, he started to workout and I watched. When I asked to join, I quickly realized that the skill level is a bit (OK, A LOT) over my ability. OK…

We started talking and I found myself exhibiting the exercises I do on my own. And then being coached. And having more weight added. By the time we got through, he was timing me, and forcing me to continue with a kettle bell 50% heavier than the one I’ve been using – and going full-on drill sergeant on me while I was doing my reps. I felt like such-a-girl…


I must admit though, that even though our ‘couples workout’ really was him coaching and me begging to stop, I enjoyed doing it together. I also feel a twisted sense of accomplishment. To be continued tomorrow…or maybe Tuesday ;P

Walking like John Wayne tomorrow




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30 thoughts on “When your couples workout fantasy doesn’t go as planned.”

  1. Looks like you´ve found your training buddy! 😀 Good for you both!!
    Let me tell you that I´ve only seen couples with similar skills on Instagram. Usually, one is the veteran and the other one, the rookie 🙂
    He has to challenge you but not push you too hard you want to quit. Have you heard “your workout today will be your warm up tomorrow”? Maybe your couple workout could mean a warm up to him and then he could continue with his workout (just until you catch up :p )
    Big hugs, couple!!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it does seem that way. We’ve been talking about doing this since you were working to get me in shape this past summer. I think you started something 😉
      Yea, IG is crazy with this stuff. I agree about the differing skill levels. We both have skills, but mine is more on flexibility/agility and his is more weight/cardio.
      I like your thoughts on using it as a warm-up. I’ll be proposing this idea to him as soon as I post this reply! 😀
      Thanks D! Big Hugs!

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  2. Personally I like exercise alone it’s my time. A coaching exercise is great once in a while but that would be my max. Otherwise to each their own. Lol

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  3. I love reading your blog!! There is always the part that EVERYONE understands as truth and things we have in common. Your couples workout blog is something we can all relate to. But the part I enjoy most is the humor and entertaining way you alone can write! Keep it up!!!!
    A daily reader!!!

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  4. Wonderful that you can share an activity like that. My suggestion is the next time have him let you be in charge of the workout, otherwise I’m sure this might get stale quick lol

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  5. This is hilarious and reminded me of the earlier years with my spouse. I am a runner and that it were he is a gym beast. We quickly learned our couple workouts would just be walks and the occissional hike.

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  6. Loved your post – I had a similar experience with my boyfriend, and I realised we both kinda focus on different muscle groups which made it a lot harder hahah, still fun though! Really enjoyed reading this 🙂

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  7. This is great! I used to feel the same way with my boyfriend but once I became a personal trainer, we both started to coach and torture each other, lol! And you’re still bonding even when he’s coaching you–heck, it probably gives him a sense of pride too seeing you do exercises he picks 🙂

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    1. Ooohhhh…I bet that took some adjusting to! Lolz. Very true though, I do think he took pride in the matter. I can’t wait to get back to it when I get the all-clear from the doc!


  8. I’ve also tried to do workout with my bf but it didnt work because i was so weak and that makes me want to be more stronger and now im doing work out everyday dreaming of doing coule workout 🙂

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