Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Wicked by Paul Jennings & Morris Gleitzma

Hi guys 🙂

Again, I am late on this. My apologies, I did last months so late that my brain just skipped right over the 1st of this month!

So, this is my Recycled Book Reading Challenge book for this month: Wicked by Paul Jennings & Morris Gleitzma.

Even though this is primarily a children’s book, its still a lot of fun. Not to mention being an easy read. This particular edition has all 6 books inside. Since you kind of have to read all the books in the series to really ‘get it’ I was happy that this is what I found myself with after a trip to the second hand store.

The store does get pretty ‘trippy’, but what do you expect from a fun and serious book made for kids? The bottom line is: Step-families suck.

This is a cute book and I would recommend it for young readers. Especially those who find themselves in blended families.

Would you like to join the recycled book reading challenge? If so, please do! We would love to have you. The challenge can be found here.

Thanks for reading!


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