How to select your next Brand Ambassador.

This is a reblog and a great post which I feel should be shared. Even if you aren’t a brand searching for a brand ambassador, this is good information for bloggers who are hoping to achieve ambassador status. Consider this a checklist of things that brands will be looking for.

Thanks for reading this repost!


The other week I came across the recently released We Are Social Digital Yearbook report, which I enjoyed immensely. Basically it is a comprehensive report of what we can expect from social media this year and what has happened since last year. And believe me, the numbers are impressive as always.

According to the report nearly a third of the global population is using social media, up 10% from last year, which is a huge leap and again offers amazing opportunities if used correctly. If it interests you, I urge you to read the report carefully. The report is 500+ pages, but it gives you a good insight as to why having brand ambassadors and advocates is so incredibly important this year.

No longer just a spokesperson for your brand, a brand ambassador talks the talk and walks the walk of your company. They are your calling card to thousands…

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