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Fit for Friday! From Work to Weekend; A Transitional Clothing Collab with T.M. Lewin #fitforfriday @TMLewin

Hello all 🙂 It’s Friday after work and the perfect time for this Fit for Friday feature!

Today, I am super-excited about this post! When the opportunity to create a Men’s/Women’s versatile office wear collaboration with T.M. Lewin UK presented itself, I jumped on it! As many of you know, I am a bit conservative in my fashion choices, preferring classic pieces with a modern twist that can be used for a variety of different circumstances. I do love fashion, and trends. However, I have found that people get more use for their money with a few highly tailored, versatile pieces than with say… a closet full of clothes that can only be designated for certain social situations. (i.e.; Club clothes, funeral wear, ‘meet the parents’ gear, etc.).

I am very excited about T.M. Lewin because they have really made all of my dreams come true in the fabric department. As most of you know, I only purchase products made of 100% natural fibres. And almost ALL, yes you heard me right…basically ALL of their items are 100% cotton, 100% Leather, 100% Merino wool, 100% mixed wool, 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% silk! YES!!! You really have to work to find something that is a mixed fabric. And that is such a happy thing. Also (drumroll please) their products are affordable. Stylish, affordable and natural fibre?! You really can’t get better than that! You can do the happy dance now, I have been too 😉

I have 2 Fit for Friday looks for men, and 2 for women. Due to the fact that many offices are opting for a Casual Friday look, I wanted to make sure to create a versatile look for both Casual Friday offices and Business Formal offices. All of the items in these looks are from T.M. Lewin. Some of the accessories in the women’s looks are from additional sources.

The following is the Men’s more Casual Friday versatile look to help you go from meeting to pub in no time flat, without having to carry a travel bag with you.

I love this casual look for the Friday office. Versatile, comfortable and easy to go straight from work to meet the guys. All you really need to do is shed the jacket and you are all set!

Outfit contents: Burgundy multi-check Royal Oxford slim-fit shirt (100% Egyptian Cotton…oh, yes, love that!), Brown contemporary belt (100% Leather), Milton brown tweed check jacket (100% Wool with lining), Relaxed fit burgundy cords (100% Cotton) and Regent brown Chelsea boots  (Leather with anti-bacterial heel cushion) are all found from T.M. Lewin. Each product name is directly linked to product, so click away!

T.M. Lewin has many specialties, but their 100% Cotton Slim-fit shirts are an area in which they excel. The modern day working man likes to look fashionable as well as respectable. Gone are the days when gentlemen look as though they are traipsing around in their father’s suits.

I am adding two lust-worthy accessories that can really personalize this look:

 This burgundy velvet bowtie from T.M. Lewin is a real attention grabber. We love bowties! Not just for formal wear anymore. They add a trendy, youthful addition to any men’s outfit. You may opt for a tie free day, but if you are going the tie route, I would suggest adding this one  or these Burgundy braces for a ton of flair!

As a woman, I can tell you quite honestly that I enjoy the look of a man who takes care with his appearance and who can make a little go a long way. This outfit is incredibly versatile. It suits for a casual meeting, a day on the go and an evening of dinner and laughter. Enjoy! And leave that change of clothes at home!

For the next Men’s Formal Office Fit to Friday look, we have the following:

Outfit contents: Harman Blue Mohair Slim-fit Suit (100% Wool & Mohair) , Non-Iron (You know you love that) White Oxford Slim Fit Shirt (100% Cotton), Newbury Waistcoat (Merino wool with lining), Dark Blue bow tie (100% silk) , Brown Contemporary belt (100% leather), Regent Brown Chelsea Boots (leather with antibacterial heel cushion)

Fashion spends an inordinate amount of time considering how people dress in varying circumstances and the rule still holds true: The tailored look is ALWAYS a win.

Now, to transition this into a Fit for Friday evening look. Remember that less is more.  Nobody really wants to have to change pants in the office WC or go full-on gymnast trying to swap out, so keep it as minimal as possible. I suggest shedding the jacket, bow tie and waistcoat. You can either keep the shirt (it is no iron) or, I would recommend changing into this super Noland Grey Merino Long-Sleeve Polo (100% Merino Wool). Top it off with the Burgundy Grey Double-Faced Scarf (100% Merino Wool) as seen below:

Easy-peasy and very sharp looking!

Ladies, now it’s our turn…Goodie Goodie!

For the  ladies semi-casual Fit to Friday look I want to tone down the shirt and took it to a short sleeve floral which is light and comfy. For the rest of the look, I keep it office worthy with a nice grey pencil skirt and professional jacket.

Outfit contents: Suzie Yellow Floral Print Short Sleeve Voile Shirt (100% cotton), Dita Grey Sharkskin Jacket (100% wool with lining), Leona Puppytooth Skirt (mixed fibres), Vivienne Pumps (leather, by Tiger of Sweden – shown as an accessory).

The transition in this outfit is rather straightforward. Shed the jacket for evening, and to add a bit of ‘Umph’ to your night out, take down that pony tail, un button the top of the shirt and put on a bib necklace flirty showing of the neckline of your shirt, such as the ones below to add some pizzaz!

Adding just a bit of extra colour or architecture in your accessories is really all a lady needs to make a dramatic difference in her transitional clothing. Remember: If you are wearing a bold statement piece, let it speak for itself. Too many pieces will make the outfit look cluttered and not well thought out. Cotton & Silk Cordon from etsy, Kendra Scott ‘Ginger’ Graduated Oval Stone Necklace from Nordstrom.

For the next Women’s Formal Office Fit to Friday, we have the following:

Outfit contents: Megan Green Debby Spot Shirt (100% cotton and an awesome statement colour!), Alameda Black Weave Jacket (mixed fibres), Charcoal Wide Leg Trousers (Wool/Cashmere blend), Vivienne Pumps (leather, Tiger of Sweden – shown as a basic accessory).

Transitioning this outfit for a nice dinner or drinks is quite simple because the look is already complete. Shed the office jacket and opt instead for a dainty architecture bib necklace (pictured below). In this amazing green colour shirt, you will already be shining. A statement piece will complete the look without being overbearing. If you are feeling adventurous, untuck that shirt and use an obi belt! Obi belts are awesome in that they create an even more flattering figure by accenting the waistline in all the right places and making that hourglass figure we all swoon for. Wider Obi belts are recommended because they cover a multitude of sins if you have a heavy meal ahead of you. 😉

Kenneth Jay Lane Branch Statement Bib Necklace found from Saks Fifth Avenue, Black Sash Leather Obi Belt found from Once Upon a Belt.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your Fit to Friday transition from paperwork to pub in only a few minutes!

If you would like to see more of T.M. Lewin’s collections, you can find them on the web by clicking here, follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They do offer international shipping at a reasonable rate, as well as free returns in-store or by post which is always great to have.

It has been a pleasure working on the Fit for Friday collaboration and I thank you for joining me.

What did you think about this post: Would you use these transitional pieces?

Thank you for reading!


 *All looks are from the T.M. Lewin UK website unless otherwise stated.


  1. Yes I would. I like your transitional clothing picks. Very smart, and the looks seem comfortable. A biggie for me. I especially like the wide-leg trousers. And if those are shiny black pumps w/ not too high a heel, I love then too. Like yourself a man who takes the time to dress himself is easy on the eyes and how!!!

    • Very cool! Thank you for commenting 🙂 These seem very comfortable to me as well, and I chose them because they are items I would be happy to wear myself.

  2. I love the write up on T.M.Lewis. I appreciated information of the blends of fabrics and loved the lay out of the products. My husband and his family are British . we ususally just skip on over to the Cotswolds but on our next trip;one of our first stops will be to T.M.Lewis

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