A Comprehensive List of Companies that Manufacture in America #madeinusa

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Although I am not in the United States, it is impossible to check the news on any day without bearing witness to the political shit-storm going on over there. Today, is another one of those days. I pull up the international news forum and the first article I see is about America’s beloved Walmart (incidentally cited as the holder of the largest clothing sales there) warning their customers of impending price increases. Why? Well, because new tax laws being promoted state that a higher tax will be placed on imported items than on exported items. Walmart therefore states that since 97% – 99% of their items are imported from overseas, they have the option of either decreasing their profit margin or passing on the additional costs to their customers. You can guess quite easily which will happen.

Since this is an an international blog, I figure that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to research the issue and share a list. My hope is that if Americans truly desire to make a bold statement with their purchases, this list will exhibit the companies that manufacture either in part or wholly in the United States.

I have to say, that I was only able to put maybe 10% of the companies I found, on this list. There are so many options that it seems almost insane that such an insanely high percentage of goods are imported. There are options, many MANY options of places to make purchases of items that are made in the USA. If you are looking for companies that are not on this list, please visit some of the consistently updated lists, linked to at the bottom of this post under sources.

The Federal Trade Commission states that in order for an item to be claimed as made in the USA, ‘all or virtually all of the significant components and processing must be of US origin.’ Just FYI, so you know what you’re looking at.

Please note: Some of these companies have manufacturing around the globe. But, if they are manufacturing (at least some parts or items in the USA) then to my eyes, this fits the bill that those looking to use their purchasing power wisely are looking for and are on this list.

  • Home:
    • J. Robert Scott (furniture)
    • Lodge Cast Iron
    • All-Clad
    • Cutco Cutlery
    • Lodge
    • Baby Eco Trends
    • Nordic Ware Cookware
    • Gothic Cabinet Craft
    • Ceardai
    • Bunn Coffeemakers
    • American Kitchen Cookware
    • Hadley Stonewear Mugs
    • Dacor
    • AA Laun Furniture co
    • Dacor
    • Englebrecht Grills & Cookers
    • Bennington Potters
    • Laffy Daffy
    • Jacob Bromwell
    • DCS
    • American Eco Furniture
    • Harden Furniture
    • Kitchen Craft Cookware
    • Mak Grills
    • Manchester Wood
    • The Holland Grill
    • Roger + Chris
    • Barina Craft (indoor bars)
    • Hug a Plug inc
    • Hus Furniture
    • Kirby Vacuum Cleaners
    • Saba Knife
    • Element
    • Carmichael Throne Co
    • Oreck Vacuum Cleaners
    • Crooked Tree Creations
    • Homer Laughlin China co
    • New Retro Dining
    • Penny Mustard
    • Lasko Fans
    • Lady and the Carpenter
    • Bag savr
    • Adirondack Chair Shop
    • Dutch Crafters
    • EZ Open Door Latch
    • Pyrex
    • Sub-Zero Refrigerators
    • Colonial Furniture
    • Wren and Cooper
    • Florida Patio Furniture inc
    • Viking Ranges
    • Wolf Ranges
    • Seura TV’s
    • Bosch (dishwashers)
    • El Greco
    • Signature Door
    • The Bagel Biter
    • Independence Bunting and Flag Corp
  • Electronics – other:
    • Shop-Vac
    • GE
    • Moeller Engineering
    • Winpower
  • Clothing:
    • Match Grade Apparel (Veteran owned)
    • Ice Time Apparel
    • Land’s End
    • Pony Babe
    • Dirtball’s
    • J. Wingfield
    • Between the Sheets Lingerie
    • Karen Kane
    • The Vermont Flannel Company
    • Dirty Girls Racewear
    • BL Couture
    • King Louie America
    • Ragged Mountain
    • Carolina Hosiery
    • Diamon Gusset Jeans
    • Soul Flower (green clothing)
    • Kokomo Cotton Company
    • Genuineblox Children’s Clothing
    • Wigwam Mills
    • Allen Edmonds shoes
    • Todd Shelton
    • Don’t Tread On Me
    • Salaam
    • Zkano (organic cotton socks)
    • Buddy’s Jeans
    • Castle Ware Baby
    • LA Garments
    • Sympatico Clothing
    • Simple Pleasures Inc
    • Dress By Design
    • American Apparel
    • LadyBug Baby Organics LLC
    • Bullet Blues
    • Dri Fire (Safety Clothing)
    • Langlitz Leathers
    • Calligramme
    • Filson Apparel
    • Duck Scrubs
    • Legendary US Leather
    • Cisco, inc
    • Aerodesign & manufacture (assembles clothing in USA)
    • Draggin Jeans
    • Hyper Clash (eco clothing)
    • Lizz Basinger Designs
    • Alex Maine
    • Montana Threads
    • EDI Clothing inc
    • Michigan Made Children’s Clothing
    • Loggerhead Apparel
    • EMKY Scarves
    • Brooks Brothers
    • Margaret Winters of NY
    • Fox Creek Leather
    • Go Athletic Apparel
    • Made in America Clothing Co.
    • Chippewa Boots
    • Ezz Corp
    • Filson
    • Banana Scrubs
    • Chrissy’s Knee-High Socks
    • Fairy Finery
    • Barbara Lesser
    • City Threads (Boys boxers)
    • Match Grade Apparel
    • Brilliant You LLC
    • Modern Trousseau
    • Bargain Socks
    • Fashion Label
    • Alisa Benay Bridal Couture
    • Belevation
    • Kepner Scott children shoes
    • Breath Warmers
    • Clarkfield Outdoors
    • Brigite Wear Intl
    • All American Clothing
    • Break North
    • Pendleton Woolens
    • Branded Leather
    • Ball and Buck
    • Bamboosa’s
    • All Seasons Uniforms
    • Blouse House
    • L.L. Bean
    • All Union House Apparel
    • Stetson Hats
    • All USA Clothing
    • Blue Canoe
    • Darn Tough
    • Clay Creek Athletics
    • True Religion
    • Blue Sky Swimwear
    • Daytona Thunderwear
    • Cloth and Needle
    • American Adorn Children’s Clothing
    • Body Aware
    • Clothes Made From Scrap (100% USA made. Made from recycled plastic and cotton)
    • New Balance Shoes
    • Cruiser Works
    • My Liberty Threads
    • American Fitness Wear
    • Texas jeans
    • Organic Threads
    • American Joe Apparel
    • Wigwam socks
    • American Made Shirts
    • OhSay USADavid Morgan
    • Woolrich
    • Andrew David Design, inc
    • Diamond Apparel
    • Apocalypse Design
    • PJ Harlow (loungewear)
    • Babypop Design LLC
    • No Nonsense
  • Large equipment:
    • Briggs & Stratton Mower and Tractor Engines
    • Ammbusher inc
    • Stihl
    • Vermette Machine Company inc
    • Power Trac
    • Airstream Trailers
  • Automobiles/Motorcycle:
    • Harley Davidson
    • Tesla
    • Big Dog Motorcycles LLC
    • Clipper Creek (manufactures electronic car chargers)
    • Indian Motorcycle
    • BMW (certain models)
    • Saxon
    • Trailer Pal (Veteran owned, trailer jacks)
    • Motus
    • Victory
    • Zero Motorcycles
    • ProMaxx (Exhaust manifold tools)
    • Brammo inc
    • EBR Motorcycles
  • Other:
    • Channellock and Moody Hand Tools
    • Maglite Flashlights
    • Purdy Paintbrushes & Rollers
    • Annin Flags
    • Crayola Crayons
    • Merle Norman Cosmetics
    • Gibson Guitars
    • Big Bear Firepower (Veteran owned)
    • Martin Guitars
    • Hillerich & Bradsby (mainly their ‘Louisville Slugger’ wooden baseball bat series)
    • Hardcore Hammers
    • Little Tykes Toys
    • Red Oxx (Veteran owned)
    • American Built Arms co (Veteran owned )
    • Silver Sport
    • Hi Temp inc
    • K’Nex Toys
    • Sharpie
    • Steinway Pianos
    • Wilson Sporting Goods (mainly the NFL footballs)
    • Devra Part
    • Iron Grip Barbell co

I hope this post has helped to bring a few companies forward amongst the confusion. Do you have any manufacturing sources to add to this list? Please share this list!


* Sources:

Consumer reportsย 2013

Federal Trade Commission, Made in the USA standards

Americans Working comprehensive list of Manufactured products in the States.

Made in USA Forever

USA Love List

Photo: University of California, Berkley

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13 thoughts on “A Comprehensive List of Companies that Manufacture in America #madeinusa”

    1. I believe it. The American dream is marketed so well, I see that many people see it as a wonderland. But with so much conflict and people who are so angry, is it even possible?


      1. The American dream is alive and well, Milea. Don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t. But it all depends on the initiative of the individual and not the interference of a big, progressive government that thinks it knows better than the individual does.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OK, thank you. When I only see what’s in the news and what my friends are freaking out about, it is difficult to have a clear perspective.
        It does that the the big progressive government is making things very difficult at the moment. A fear that has spread throughout the world. Though I try to remain objective on my political views here, I think that people don’t fully realize how much those policies affect everyone on a global politics – level.


    2. Compared to what, Tony? As an American, I respectfully disagree. And what is quite interesting is that you don’t see many people trying to leave the US but you see an awful lot trying to gain entrance to it. We must be doing something right.


    1. Awesome, thank you! I’m glad to hear that you’ve dealt with these companies. I assume all are good companies in your experience?
      I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed in the level of interaction for this post. All I see, like everywhere, is people wanting to buy made in America products. I really thought that by providing a list of companies that meet that demand, it would help people to realize that not EVERYTHING is imported. But it seems like everything that is easily accessible is imported, thus making it just too difficult to buy American made products? There are actually so many companies manufacturing there…many more than I would have thought. I’m so glad you like the list ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Thanks for the list, Mliae. I’m going to tell you about one company that I don’t like all that much anymore and that is GE. They’re American (kind of) and when I was growing up they were great. Now, not so much. I remodeled my kitchen last year and purchased all new appliances. Where they used to give you at least a five-year guarantee, now they only give you one; the products aren’t constructed as well and they are constantly sending me e-mails and junk in the mail regarding purchasing extended warranty plans. If they made good products and stood behind them, they wouldn’t constantly browbeat their customers with junk mail.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some of my favorite toy brands manufacture exclusively in the USA: Maple Landmark is a great small business based in Vermont, Elves and Angels makes beautiful castles and play kitchens in Maine, and Uncle Goose has a large selection of alphabet blocks in languages from all over the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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