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Getting to Know You 02.03.2017: Blogging Turn-Off’s

What are some of your biggest blogging turn-off’s that make you hit that un-follow button?

My answer: Blogs that still sport WP templates (i.e.; ‘This is where your feature post is displayed’) on their pages is the biggest. Having to search difficult to navigate home pages in order to find recent posts is another turn-off.

What about you? What are biggest turn-off’s?



  1. I agree with the overwhelming negativity. Also, if all you do is repost stuff — I like to read the person’s actual original thoughts. If all you do is repost NPR articles or things others have posted, I’m going to click unfollow or not follow you at all. I’ll follow the person who originally created the post that was reposted… if that makes sense.

    • Totally makes sense. I think some reposts are good, but only if they actually fall in line with the topics that the blog route follows. Ex; If I write a lot about discount travel, and I see a great insightful post about that topic for a place I’ve never been, I will ask if I can share it with my subscribers -as they would be interested.
      But I do agree that blogs that have more reposts than original thoughts are just kind of…meh. *Unfollow.

  2. Too many typing errors or grammatical errors bugs me. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t follow the person just means I wish they’d take more pride in their work to edit. I agree with the other two comments above. Blogs are a great place to express yourself, but don’t belittle people or be offensive if you want to keep readers. Just show your creative side and share about yourself. It’s an interesting form of social media.

    • Ooohhh…good one! Sometimes errors are forgivable, if a person is writing in a second (or third) language. But consistent carelessness is another monster entirely. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Actually, it´s not an unfollow because I don´t start to follow them in the first place: Bible aficionados. You know these people who relate everything in life to the Bible? It´s just exhausting

    • Agreed. It is exhausting. Out of curiosity, I’ve tried to follow the crumb trail. But, well, I’m not so great at that kind of thing either 😉

  4. When I have to click “read more of post” for every single post they write. I don’t have the time to click on every site to see if I want to read it. Lots of people are making their blogs like this now.

  5. Too much negativity, too much judgment, and too many spelling or grammar errors. I also hate walls of words — long screeds of text unbroken by paragraphs, subheads, or graphics. No matter how interesting the content, this makes a post difficult to read and I’ll usually pass on it.

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