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Just popping in to say ‘Hi’

Hello all πŸ™‚ I’ve missed you!

Surgery recovery is taking much longer than I had hoped. True, I was informed that I would be on bed rest for weeks, but as I can’t seem to cope with doing nothing, these 2 weeks have been sooooooo slllooowwwww.

I thought this feature comic perfect, as if I didn’t have actual doctors orders, I’m almost certain this is the type of workplace response I’d be receiving after the first few days. Fortunately, that is not the case.

I have done nothing but lay in bed. When I get anxious and start pacing or trying to set the table or tidy up, I am promptly sent away by my fiancΓ© and reminded of doctors orders. Which is wonderful. Why is it, I wonder, so difficult to just take it easy? I mean, I wish for a vacation all the time. And then when I’m TOLD to just lay there, I can’t seem to manage it under any circumstances. Does not make any sense.

The guy has been great. If I’m not climbing the walls, I get meals in bed. Which is awesome πŸ™‚


I’m hoping to be in my right mind again in a week or so and will be able to post more regularly again. Thanks for tolerating my unpredictability!

Chat soon




    • Thank you πŸ™‚ He has been great. I’ve been going nuts wanting to help, but he just sends me back to bed. I’m starting to feel more human every day now!

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