Balsamic & Black Pepper Beets

Spring has sprung and its planting time, so I wanted to share this great homegrown recipe from Enjoy!

Life In Woodford

imageBeets: the often under-appreciated root vegetable. I have always liked beets, but it wasn’t until I added them to my garden this past year that I feel completely, hopelessly in love with them. Sure, they’re not the easiest vegetable to eat, certainly not compared to the snap peas and green beans we snack on right off the plant, but they’re worth the time spent roasting and peeling them.

My new favorite way to eat them is with freshly ground peppercorns and balsamic vinegar. I threw these few ingredients together quickly one night when we had dinner company, for a quick-pickle style beet to go on our fresh garden salad. I was thrilled with the outcome, and with my last two harvests, I’ve canned them all this way.

This recipe makes approximately (2) pint jars, or (1) quart, depending on beet size. If you have very large beets, or simply…

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  1. One of my favourite vegetables and they are so good for you. 😊

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    1. mliae says:

      They are surprisingly healthy! I’ve never been a big beet root fan, but I’m trying to find good recipes like these to push myself in the right direction 😉

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