A great post about a a startup in the sustainable fabric/fashion industry. Thanks to for letting me share!

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selenaIt’s a soft Saturday afternoon when we meet up with Anita de Wit, one of the creators of circular fashion & textiles agency ReBlend and one of TEDxAmsterdamWomen Startup Award 2015 participants. In a small bustling café, just around the corner from Amsterdam Central Station we order coffee and fresh mint teas and Anita happily reveals to us all that has happened ever since pitching her idea at last year’s Startup Award preliminary rounds. Though she didn’t make it through to the finals, she looks back at the event as a great boost for her business which has resulted in a new Kickstarter Campaign in cooperation with Amsterdam based designer BYBROWN. 

You pitched at the Startup Award 2015, what was your pitch about?

I have a corporate background however, I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t possible for corporates to not just add…

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