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Wedding Cake Topper Decision

Greetings earthlings 🙂

Well, we’ve finally decided how to do the cake! If you read my post about finding all the most hilarious wedding cake toppers, you know that I really craved something that show-cased our odd sense of humor. (OK, MY odd sense of humor. His humor is a bit less twisted.)  If you would like to read the post, you can find it by clicking here.

Anywho, we’ve decided that since our biggest detail crush seems to be the flowers (& entertainment), that we will use some of the flowers for the cake topper. Not anything over the top (Lolz, pun intended) but something simple, like the pinterest pic I downloaded here.  You’d be amazed. I googled flower cake toppers and there were some real major flowers that were the size of the cake! We don’t want a big floppy flower cake hat, just something small, simple and beautiful. Maybe add a flower or 2 on the crest of the lower level.

What do you think? Love it, or hate it?



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