Slightly embarrassing yet totally humiliating moment

When your speaking to your future father-in-law in English to avoid language confusion and you get tongue tied when wishing him good luck with a renovation project on his way out, and accidentally say ‘Good luck on your dick digging!’. There is no coming back from that. He left without a word & I almost cried.

Open mouth, insert foot.



  1. Oh man. That’s hilarious.

    He’ll come around. If it gets brought up again, just feign ignorance or something lol

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  2. Awe, sorry almost everybody has been there done that and that’s why we are laughing HAHAHAHA-I accidentally let the mother of all words slip (a word I do not use) one day in front of a preacher!!! It happens – you and your father-in-law will laugh about this somewhere down the road of time 🙂

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