Getting to know you 15.06.2017: Fashion

Why is it that even horrible fashion eras like the 80’s, keep repeating themselves in modern day trends? I mean, the whole Victorian era – gothic repeat, I totally get that. But I don’t understand, when those of us who managed to survive the 80’s nearly unscathed are still among the living to bear witness to the shoulder pad – hairspray nightmare, how this possibly continues to rear its head in modern day fashion.

You know what they say: ‘If you lived through a fashion trend once, you can’t rock it the second time around.’

What do you think? What fashions make you cringe?


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6 thoughts on “Getting to know you 15.06.2017: Fashion”

  1. Fashions come and go with intense regularity. Its one of the beauties of it. 80’s fashion was certainly out there as it were. It defined a generation in essence. Many things were happening in the world at that time. Reliving these eras is tough. I think the early 00’s will be difficult to inspire the future but we will have to sit tight and see.

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  2. Hear you on the shoulder pads! Bell bottoms. Skinny ties. Baseball and gas station shirts. Platform shoes. ‘Mom’ jeans. Velvet. Tankinis. I’m hardly a fashionista, but they’re flattering on nobody and yet these things keep coming back over and over again for some reason.

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