The Time is Now! We are Decorating for the Wedding! :)

Here we are! It’s almost tiiiiimmmmeeee! πŸ˜€

We have been preparing for this day for almost 1 year! We opted for a version of a destination wedding. Basically, taking ourselves somewhere we thought was absolutely gorgeous and inviting those closest to us to join us. It will be small, but it will be ours! As you can see from the feature photo, it’s about time for this girl to waltz down the aisle! Not quite today – this is all laid out for the rehearsal. But this is the spot and exactly what it will look like! We fell in love with this waterfall. Trying to plan a wedding internationally is an ENORMOUS challenge, so we were fortunate to find an incredible local wedding planner who made sure everything we needed was taken care of. YES!

The waterfall is actually much taller than it appears in the pictures. For some reason, I have taken like 100 photos of this and I guess my camera is kind of smashing it down or something. Oh well, its awesome. You’ll be seeing more of this!

We have 2 reception spots: 1 outdoors & 1 indoors. We are decorating, decorating, decorating! Here’s what we’ve got for the outdoor spot:





And here’s our indoor spot which is yet to be decorated and needs LOTS of TLC. You’ll have to forgive me for not waiting until all is said and done. I was just dyyyyyiiinng to send you an update!



Now, like I said: It needs a lot of help. But I’m confident that if we can make outdoors that party-worthy, this is a possibility. Welcome yourself to my view for the rest of the day. We have tons of hangy-things to put in here, plus the same amount of tables that are outdoors. Dance floor in the middle and some tables that display our travels so far on the way here.

We’re so excited! It’s been a great journey and I’m looking forward to sharing all about everything upon our return to reality. But for now, this chic is signing off one last time as a Miss.


-Miss Mliae πŸ˜‰


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