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Introducing Bidvine: The New Online Service Marketplace! #bidvine

Greetings everyone πŸ™‚

I’m here to talk (OK, Rave) about an up and coming online service marketplace in the U.K., called Bidvine. Bidvine is really cool and super easy to use. Basically, you just go to the homepage and scroll through until you find what you need. Or, you can do a simple search. They will ask a few questions regarding what exactly you are looking for, how to contact you and your UK postal code. They will then email you with any offers or messages from those service providers. Sometimes the emails come in a matter of minutes, which is surprising.


I have been doing some browsing around this online marketplace and it really is great! For example, I was so excited to see that you can actually find someone who will come to your home and put together that Ikea furniture! As a woman who spent many years as a single without one ounce of technical ability. I have been wishing that there existed some sort of service that existed where I could have asked someone to help me out with all those picture hanging, furniture building, dog-sitting skills that I lack. Now, it seems like there is…and more!

You do not have to use the service strictly via PC. Bidvine offers a fully functioning mobile service for all smart phones too! (Which works wonders if you find yourself in that kind of situation where you are looking for a computer repair service. We’ve all been there πŸ˜‰ )

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I think that Bidvine is a great marketing tool for locally based services. One can find all sorts of services ranging from all things wedding, catering, photography, cleaning & building services, moving, tutoring … the list goes on and on. Bidvine also offers a nutritionist service! How cool is that?!?

Now, how does Bidvine make their money? Bidvine employs a Cost Per Accepted Lead format. What this basically means is that instead of small businesses having to pour tons of money into marketing which may or may not work, on Bidvine, these businesses only pay a small fee for those bids that have been read and considered. Also, this is a one-time (contact) fee. Afterwards, there are no additional charges. This is a very good thing because, as we all know, companies pass along their costs or savings to us, the consumer. If the company isn’t shelling out funds hand-over-fist to reach us, then they will not be charging us the sky high prices that they must on other marketing forums. This is one of the reasons I really like Bidvine’s business model. There are no commissions, and no joining fees.

The marketplace is free to use for customers and provides reputable, qualified and interested service providers at your fingertips. No more calling every number that you can find in the search for the perfect electrician! Yay!

So how to Bidvine come into existence? The story really is easy to believe. They had a team in Dubai and apparently spent too many hours trying to find the services they needed; language tutors, renovation experts, a brave soul to remove a wasps nest, etc. They realized that there are much nicer things one should be doing with their days instead of spending all their time searching for and contacting these service providers. Thus, Bidvine was born! I have heard it said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and it seems to be exactly the case here.

If you are interested, please check out Bidvine by clicking here. It’s free! And just as a side-note, there is also a Bidvine Blog which has loads of fun articles, including a really great one about how much the annual salary would be for dad’s if it were a paying gig. Check it out!

Bidvine is currently available in the U.K.

Have you used Bidvine?


*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion on the service and its offerings. I do think that this is a worthwhile service worth utilizing.


  1. I just read about Bidvine on your blog Milan! I checked the website . It is so user friendly and covers any need anyone could have. I am forwarding your blog info and the Bidvine information to the our huge family in the U.K. They will embrace this wonderful innovative idea.
    I’m going to use them to for our U.K. Home and to get some things setup for an upcoming event there!!! Thank you Milan!!

    Are they going to move to the USA? I hope!

    • Awesome! Thank you πŸ™‚
      I did discuss the possibility of expansion with them, and I think that expansion may be in the cards at some point. Right now, they really are a start-up though, so its all about getting the word out!

  2. What a great tip on Bidvine! unique website. I’ll be checking it out and will let some UK folks know about it.
    Thanks Mliae

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