Fun Halloween Must-Haves!


I love Halloween! While we’re not in a country that really goes all out on Halloween stuff, we love to browse the online stores and daydream about all the cool stuff we would love to put up around here to have some fun or really freak out the neighbors. I keep fantasizing that I will have a Halloween party. That everyone will dress up and not think me odd because I love it so much. Maybe this year?

Here are some fun things I’d love to have to throw the super party I’ve been dreaming about:


71″ Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch Halloween Haunted House Prop Decor


Amscan Family Friendly Halloween Trick Or Treat Mega Value Party Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit (32 Piece), 65″ X 32 1/2″, Black


AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle Scarf Cover Festive Party Supplies 45 X 243cm 18 x 96 inch


Halloween Party Cups , Live “Blood” of Theme Parties – 10 Pack Amazlab Blood Bag Drink Container Set of 10 IV Bags 11.5 Fl Oz, Halloween Party Cups


Beistle Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler, 3-Feet 6-Inch Width by 30-Inch Height

Ok, but seriously – How Cool is that cooler! I saw one of these once & I’ve been lusting after it ever since. Too fun!


100 Premium Quality Balloons: 12 inches Black and orange latex balloons birthday party Halloween decoration and events


42PCS Bloody Footprints Floor Clings – Halloween Vampire Zombie Party Decorations Decals Stickers Supplies

Ok, let’s be honest here…we all know I’d just wind up using these to prank my husband.

Now I’ve done it. I’ve given myself Halloween fever. I mean really, will people think I’m that crazy if I’m the only one dressed up and begging for candy? Maybe. Will they have a fantastic time at a party where everyone is dressed-up and sugar-crazed? Hell yes, they will.

What’s your Halloween Mode?



Product Review: Burt’s Bees Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Towelettes


Hello all ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I wanted to review a product that I quite like: Burt’s Bees Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Towelettes. I have always been a big fan of Burt’s Bees products, but alas, I am unable to get my greedy little hands on them as much as I would like. Happily, I do see some Burt’s Bees products arriving on the European market and that makes me a happy girl!

I purchased these while in the USA this past summer. I had never tried them before and wasn’t sure if I would love them or not, so I only grabbed the 1 pack. If I’m ever there again, I’ll be sure to grab more! We were in N.C. for a portion of the trip, and that was really great as far as Burt’s Bees products go. Since they are produced in North Carolina, the price there was awesome! Here, its priced like a luxury item. There, it’s like…everywhere!

I really like these towelettes. They are really great for a lady on the go. I could use these wipes as a dual. I used 1 side for makeup removal, and then folded it and used the other side for exfoliating. My face felt clean, like just washed clean, after using them. Even if I was having to get myself together while in the car. ย (Yes, it happened & I regret nothing.) They smell really great too.

I will happily purchase this product again. Burt’s Bees really is something special!

What’s your fave Burt’s Bees product?


Hot Hot Mustard

I had to share this awesome Mustard recipe from I made a scaled down version of this recipe yesterday and it turned out really well! I think I’ll be making this for Christmas gifts this year ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, and if you have a moment, check out Brownies & Beer – Good peeps!

Waiting for My Mall Box Package!


Hello there ๐Ÿ™‚

As the gift giving season is fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to review a new service I stumbled upon. I can’t review it yet, because I have not had my package sent. But I did want to let you know about My Mall Box and walk you through the process, as far as I have gotten. (I am sometimes slooooowww about these things.)


As many of you know, I am neurotic about shipping. Many of the companies I love are located in the U.S.A. and international shipping is a beast! (Who’s with me? Hands up!) For those of you in my situation, I’m thrilled to introduce you to My Mall Box! This awesome shipping service provides you with a U.S.A. shipping address under your account. Then, it’s really easy. Just make your online order, and provide the My Mall Box address given to you under your account as your address on the order. (Many American companies provide free shipping within the U.S. ….YYYYYYEEEAAAHHH!) Your order will go directly to your suite at My Mall Box and they will notify you by email when your package has arrived.

Now, once your package has arrived you can 1) wait for additional package(s) to arrive and then ask My Mall Box to consolidate your packages into 1 package which will save you on shipping and them have them ship that to you. Or 2) ask them to repackage your package into a smaller package with less packing material which will also save you on shipping and then have them ship that directly to you. I am currently having my Lipink order (Lipink does ship internationally, but I had to have pink lip colour and brown liquid liner.) repackaged at the moment and then its on its way to my doorstep! Can’t wait!

I’m really excited about this service. I hope it’s as great as everyone seems to be saying it is, because if so, this solves my (and many of yours) dilemma on international shipping. Especially those lovely sellers on Amazon or Ebay who refuse to ship internationally or charge a boatload for it.

Sign-up is free, check it out today by clicking HERE!

I love solutions!


*Disclaimer: I was provided with a starter amount for shipping in order to use this service and provide an honest and unbiased service review.

Requiem For a Sweater


My old friend.

How happy I was to pull you from the wardrobe today.

It was my horror to find a hole in the front of you.

We discussed sweater surgery,

but you were beyond repair.

So it was my sad news

to have to throw you in the refuse.

I will miss you my old, brown friend.

The warm embrace of your cashmere,

wrapped around me on a cold winters day.

The comfort of being stretched-out just ‘so’

as to rival the most comfy college Tee.

I will miss having a sweater that matches everything

My wardrobe ‘go-to’,

now a footnote in my style notebook.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace you,

my favourite cashmere sweater.

A sad day in closet land,


Getting to know you 15.09.2017: A million in money


If you inherited or won 1 million (in whatever your country’s currency is), what would you do with it?

My answer: Pay off and fix-up my place! Upgrade to a newer auto, take a small holiday, invest a bit for the kids in the familyย – then save the rest in an interest bearing account (if there is any).


Is it just me, or do you currently dread reading the daily news too?


Hello there sunshine-y people ๐Ÿ™‚

I am generally a pretty happy person. I’m slow in the mornings, but I have a routine that helps me get both eyes open. I wake up, stumble into the kitchen for coffee (which my hubby lovingly has ready and waiting…Love that guy!) I sit at the table and sip and mumble, and then when I find myself alone, I open my pc and read the world news. I have done this for as long as I can remember everyday before work and it’s nice to go about my day not wondering if I’m in the dark about something that will have an affect on my day. It wakes me up, gets me going and makes me happy.

But now, I have to vent. I just have to do it. For months now, reading the news (World & local) feels more like I’m getting a damage report, and less like I’m in the know. I mean really. I dread opening my PC some mornings now. I just don’t want to know. The entire world is in upheaval, or so it seems. I know that much of it is sensationalism, and globalism. Horrible things have always happened, but we haven’t always had that information at our fingertips. But, it seems like good things don’t happen anymore. I know they do, and there has to be somewhere I can find happy news. Isn’t there?

I keep a close watch on economic and marketing trends, so its not like I can just stick my head in the sand and pretend the world doesn’t exist. But seriously, I feel like I’m watching the world burn everyday after breakfast. What is this all about?

Is it just me, or are you feeling this way too?


*Photo source: Imgur

Recycled Book Reading Challenge: America’s Best State Fair Recipes by Catherine Hanley


Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚

My sincerest apologies for being late this month! I really wanted to try some of these recipes first, and since I had the flu, it took a bit longer than expected.

I really love the recipes in this book. They look so delicious! The only problem I’m having, is that I don’t know what the equivalent of some of the ingredients are. Like ‘shortening’. I assume that ‘shortening’ is also referred to as ‘lard’, but we don’t have anything like that here. What could I use instead of that? Butter, perhaps? Or……

Other than the issue of trying to find some of the ingredients (or something similar) in my area of the world, there really isn’t a problem. I am really excited about trying some of the picketing recipes in this book as well!

I found the Blueberry Pie recipe and it had me drooling. We don’t have blueberries in ample amounts here, but we do have currants! So, I made a currant pie with the blueberry pie recipe and it turned out pretty good!


This is before cooking. The crust looks terrible, I know. It was my first go with actual dough instead of a ready to bake shell, and I found that I didn’t have enough for my pan so I got creative and the crust got paper thin in parts. Regardless of its lack of beauty, the pie was awesome and it was gobbled up just as soon as it came out of the oven! (Hence the reason I don’t have the ‘after’ photo.) ALSO, making this pie with red currants would be super fun for Halloween! It was all gooey and runny and kind of looked like blood pie. Which was perfect because we were binge watching vampire flicks.

There is also a Rhubarb sour-cream (creme frรกiche) pie recipe that is ideal for our frozen rhubarb!

If you see this cookbook somewhere on the super cheap, I say grab it up! The recipes are simple and the food looks great!

If you would like to join my Recycled Book Reading Challenge, you can find the guidelines by clicking here. The more, the merrier! Dust off those old books and give them a read!

Also, please check out Teleporting Weena’s RBRC ‘Ghost Girl’ for this month by clicking here!

Thanks for reading!


Oh Yeah, We Got It Too….


Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m here, I’m here! So sorry its been a few days. I usually post every other day and didn’t want you wondering if I’d fallen off the planet. I know that I am late on my Recycled Book Reading Challenge too.

We got the crud. BIG TIME! Whatever kind of virus it is, it has wiped us out for the entire week already! I am thinking about you, and I will be posting either tomorrow or the day after.

Thanks for understanding and see you soon!


*Photo source: