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Is it just me, or do you currently dread reading the daily news too?

Hello there sunshine-y people πŸ™‚

I am generally a pretty happy person. I’m slow in the mornings, but I have a routine that helps me get both eyes open. I wake up, stumble into the kitchen for coffee (which my hubby lovingly has ready and waiting…Love that guy!) I sit at the table and sip and mumble, and then when I find myself alone, I open my pc and read the world news. I have done this for as long as I can remember everyday before work and it’s nice to go about my day not wondering if I’m in the dark about something that will have an affect on my day. It wakes me up, gets me going and makes me happy.

But now, I have to vent. I just have to do it. For months now, reading the news (World & local) feels more like I’m getting a damage report, and less like I’m in the know. I mean really. I dread opening my PC some mornings now. I just don’t want to know. The entire world is in upheaval, or so it seems. I know that much of it is sensationalism, and globalism. Horrible things have always happened, but we haven’t always had that information at our fingertips. But, it seems like good things don’t happen anymore. I know they do, and there has to be somewhere I can find happy news. Isn’t there?

I keep a close watch on economic and marketing trends, so its not like I can just stick my head in the sand and pretend the world doesn’t exist. But seriously, I feel like I’m watching the world burn everyday after breakfast. What is this all about?

Is it just me, or are you feeling this way too?


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    • Odd, isn’t it. For awhile I thought the world had gone mad, and then I realized that there was just as much violence decades ago, we just didn’t hear about all of it.

  1. I am a news junkie but in the past year most of it depresses me. It’s really hard to find good news because that sort of stuff doesn’t sell. Local news is important because its impacting us directly however national stuff can be important to know about.

  2. It’s not just you. I can hardly stand to watch the news on TV anymore. I was once a journalist and a news junkie. Now I force myself to read 2 weekly news magazines, but I read for short amounts of time and never in the mornings.

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