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Requiem For a Sweater

My old friend.

How happy I was to pull you from the wardrobe today.

It was my horror to find a hole in the front of you.

We discussed sweater surgery,

but you were beyond repair.

So it was my sad news

to have to throw you in the refuse.

I will miss you my old, brown friend.

The warm embrace of your cashmere,

wrapped around me on a cold winters day.

The comfort of being stretched-out just ‘so’

as to rival the most comfy college Tee.

I will miss having a sweater that matches everything

My wardrobe ‘go-to’,

now a footnote in my style notebook.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace you,

my favourite cashmere sweater.

A sad day in closet land,



  1. Oh darn! Couldn’t wear it around the house??? I promise it wouldn’t mind not seeing the outside world, just being close to your skin, keeping you warm, that would be enough.

  2. May she Rest In Pieces!! Hey you tried…but try as you might no success!! She’ll be gone but not forgotten…until the next great sweater comes along. šŸ˜‰

  3. What a cute but all too true description of how we all feel when a staple piece of clothing has to go.
    I used to have a shirt that was perfect for anything especially because the design already appeared to have wine stains! How happy my daughter was when It FINALLY gave up the ghost!!!
    PS I love your style of writing!!! I usually try anything you happen to advertise! Every lifexperiment blog makes me smile!!!

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