Requiem For a Sweater

My old friend.

How happy I was to pull you from the wardrobe today.

It was my horror to find a hole in the front of you.

We discussed sweater surgery,

but you were beyond repair.

So it was my sad news

to have to throw you in the refuse.

I will miss you my old, brown friend.

The warm embrace of your cashmere,

wrapped around me on a cold winters day.

The comfort of being stretched-out just ‘so’

as to rival the most comfy college Tee.

I will miss having a sweater that matches everything

My wardrobe ‘go-to’,

now a footnote in my style notebook.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace you,

my favourite cashmere sweater.

A sad day in closet land,


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15 thoughts on “Requiem For a Sweater”

  1. What a cute but all too true description of how we all feel when a staple piece of clothing has to go.
    I used to have a shirt that was perfect for anything especially because the design already appeared to have wine stains! How happy my daughter was when It FINALLY gave up the ghost!!!
    PS I love your style of writing!!! I usually try anything you happen to advertise! Every lifexperiment blog makes me smile!!!

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