Happy Halloween, all! 🙂


I’ve been so excited about this ghoulishly fun holiday coming this year that I just couldn’t take it! Now we’re here! The decorations are up, the food is being made – hello pumpkin shaped cheeseball and spider web died eggs! We are ready for Halloween!


Unfortunately, we don’t have trick-or-treaters. I think that is a uniquely American happening. But we are so excited to see small bits of Halloween starting to come out here there and everywhere.

We’re getting ready to Par-Tay! Heheheh. Can’t Wait! I’m hoping this will be the first year of a lifelong tradition. Here’s to hoping all goes well!

This Halloween, I wanted to leave you with some funny and quite possibly inappropriate memes to get your day started! Enjoy!


*Exactly what would happen if we got surprise Trick or Treaters ;P







Have an absolutely ghoulishly wonderful Halloween!


*Photo sources: Pinterest, Best of Halloween Costumes, Twitter, PMSL web,




  1. Where do you live that you don’t have trick or treaters? I had about 300 kids knocking on my door. There is a lot of apartments that have been built around my neighborhood. I think they are coming over to trick or treat in house neighborhoods. I am starting to dread Halloween. I have to buy so much candy to give out it costs about $50 to give away the candy. A lot of houses don’t give out candy around me. I can see why, it is getting expensive to participate.

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    1. I’m in Europe. I would love trick or treaters. It seems like so much fun!
      300 kids is A LOT! I believe easily that you probably went for broke to supply THAT much candy!


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