Book Review: Three Million’s a Crowd by Leenna Naidoo!

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I am really excited about today’s post 🙂 I am reviewing the book ‘Three Million’s a Crowd’ by our own Leenna Naidoo! Leenna is the blogger behind In betweener and she is a well accomplished author! It is a privilege to have the opportunity to review her work.

I had the pleasure of making Leenna’s acquaintance about 2 years ago. Leenna Naidoo herself is one of the nicest people I have ever met. You know when you meet someone and you immediately feel so comfortable, it’s like you’ve known them for years? Well, that’s her. She is über creative and I have been waiting a very long time to see if her writing reflects that big personality of hers. Well guess what – It DOES!

Her writing is so personable that I can picture (and hear) every single scene in my imagination. I love it when an author paints a picture so clear that you can quite literally watch the movie in your own head.

Three Million’s A Crowd is a collection of flash fiction and short stories. The following are the stories contained within:

  • Spiked (Flash Fiction)
  • Slipped Up (A smile-worthy short story based on a pair of glass slippers!)
  • Ride The Wave. Kiss The God (A short story lesson about going with the flow.)
  • Not That Kind Of Guy (Short Story – a heartwarming tale of a lady who’s given up on love.)
  • Three Million’s A Crowd (The Novella – a great modern day love situation!)

I really enjoyed reading this book in it’s entirety. Those of you who know me well, know that I enjoy collections of short stories. I have the attention span of a fruitfly, so long – drawn out – slow reads just do my head in. Short stories are great! I can read them in one sitting, and don’t lose an entire day doing so. I really liked the novella – Three Million’s A Crowd. I read the whole thing in one sitting. I was sucked in by page 3 and didn’t move until I had read the entire thing. Now that’s saying something!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, or check out her list of other great books!

If you are interested in finding out more about this work, you can find her release post by clicking the link here.

There are 3 varying download links, depending on which one you are most familiar with. These links will take you directly to the Three Million’s A Crowd page:

Barnes and Noble



I highly recommend this book. I hope that you will read it and I know that you will enjoy it!

Have you read any of Leenna Naidoo’s works?

Thanks for reading!



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