Sweet Potato Fries

Good morning, all 🙂
I happened upon this great and easy to make recipe for sweet potato fries yesterday on http://www.hopefu1romantic.wordpress.com This is another recipe that I am really wanting to try. Can’t wait!

Rulla Alani

Along with writing poetry and spewing thoughts, I love to cook! It allows me to express myself through flavor. Usually when I tell someone what I’m going to cook, they respond “but, that doesn’t go together” or “I’ve never cooked it that way”. That’s what makes my cooking so unique. I like to match ingredients that usually don’t pair well together and I like to transform traditional recipes into more modern ones.

Lately, I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy. The worst parts of my diet are the snacks and the drinks that I choose to consume. I love snacking! And not on healthy things, such as fruits or nuts, but on chips, cookies, chocolates, etc. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to reflect on my health decisions. I’ve chosen to drink way, way, way more water instead of the pure sugar I used to call juice or even…

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