I Am So Tempted….

I follow a lot of blogs. A LOT. It’s part of being an active part of the blogging community. This is not a problem, as I never have a lack of blog reading material. I also learn a lot. However, I’ve noticed that I have to purge my followed blogs on a very regular basis or else it just becomes all clogged up. I haven’t purged my reader in quite a few months, so last week, when I embarked on the purge, I was shocked by what I saw. WP now shows how long its been since each blog has updated last. OMG. Do you know that I found blogs who hadn’t updated in 2 years?! Now, when I follow a blog its because I’m interested. They seem to be updated regularly before I hit the subscribe button. But this…THIS! I purged more than 65% of the blogs I was following because they hadn’t updated in MONTHS!

Those of you who have been reading here for awhile probably remember that one of my biggest pet peeves is when a blogger disappears for months and then writes a post apologizing – and – returning. Now, I understand some people are sick, or are dealing with loss & transition. That is not the problem. If I know that you are dealing with things, then of course I’ll wait. But if you just up and vanish, then come back 5 months later apologizing – that life has been hectic – I’m out. I want to follow bloggers who are dedicated. Bloggers who care that their readers are looking for them. If your blog isn’t a priority to you, it surely isn’t going to be a priority to me. Know what I’m saying?

So, anyway. After many hours of deleting blogs who are no longer in existence, I find myself wondering ‘is this a regular thing?’. Am I going to have to continue cleaning out my reader every month. Am I really investing this much time … into this? Why do so many blogs just … stop?

So, I am so tempted to follow like 1,000 new blogs for 1 year, just to see how many are left that update more than once a month. No, really. Why? Because life is an experiment. That’s why.

The only tricky part to this is that I follow many blogs that I love to read and that update regularly & I don’t want to get them mixed in with my experiment group.

What do you think?


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46 thoughts on “I Am So Tempted….”

  1. I totally know what you mean. I do a good blog purge about twice a year where I delete anyone who hasn’t posted in 12 months. Blogging isn’t for everyone, and that’s life.
    I really think you should conduct that experiment! I’m always so hesitant to follow brand new bloggers but I know the amount of them to survive a few months is low. Perhaps make a new WordPress account just to follow those people? You don’t have to use the new blog, but at least that way you can keep that Reader separate! I’d love to know the results if you do!

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      1. You can set up a branch of that one (a new url with the same username) but that would still use the same Reader. You’d have to make a new WordPress account and a new blog as well, technically, but you don’t actually have to post anything.

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      2. You know what? I think I really do have to do this. Thanks to you for spelling out how to do it separately, now I’m more tempted than ever!


  2. Oh I have been this person in the past, and since then I have read so many bloggers excuse their absence and I can see from a readers perspective that it doesn’t look good. Sometimes it takes being a reader to know what your blog looks like to others.

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  3. I did the same clean up in my follow list lately… I kept some of the inactive blogs in my follows though, because I really really liked them! I even sent some of the inactive bloggers a note, asking if they were doing well… I think we are victims of a strange Blogging Bermuda Triangle !!!

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  4. It is definitely not uncommon and I hate to say this but I used to be that person XD but honestly, this year has been my most consistent year and I’ve found my area of expertise to blog about if you will. I think many bloggers kinda hit plateau and then don’t know what to blog about. It’s a common problem. Also, I guess blogging isn’t a serious hobby for some and so they start disliking what they write. There are many reasons but of course, it’s disappointing for the readers and followers.

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  5. Well I agree with you. There are certain blogs I follow in the reader and I check those occasionally but other blogs I have favourites that go to my email. Sometimes I start out following a blogger but need a break or I can’t stand that they post 5 times a day, then I will usually unfollow and follow them
    Just in the reader. It’s only blogs that offend me that I follow completely. But yes, I do have to purge my email every so often.

    As for bloggers who disappear I used to feel like you do. But you have to understand that sometimes people are going through things, difficult things in their life and blogging falls by the wayside no on purpose, just b/c family or personal illness is hard to deal with or deadlines for work or nonblog writing need to be met in Anne there is no time to write out a goodbye for a certain amount of months. Sometimes people don’t know how long they’ll be gone. Others just find they can’t strike a balance with blogging and other life events. It’s not personal it’s just stuff happens.

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  6. With us just beginning I have not noticed this, as of yet. I know I have seen blog posts that I was interested in, read them, then clicked on it to see how active they are, to discover the blog was from 4-6 months ago, and not much activity. I myself get bored with stuff rather quickly. I have stock photography which I need to update because I discovered blogging (also it is cold outside, I detest winter photography….even though winter photos are beautiful) So I guess some people get bored. I enjoy writing, and I am hoping to get Nicole writing more with this blog, to help get her emotions out there. So I hope to continue to enlighten and engage my readers.
    Chill Mom

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  7. I do this every month, normally stop following those people who haven’t blogged in six months, its a faff but it also cleans up the reader for me, also because I do links to various blogs, it makes sure I am not actively promoting those blogs who are no longer active

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  8. I do the same with Twitter & I followed around 4,000 at the time & I unfollowed people who hadn’t posted in a YEAR and unfollowed 1,800 people! Goodness knows how many haven’t posted within the last 3 months!

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    1. No doubt. But more than ever, I’m kind of thinking I will do it. I mean, I’ve been blogging for 2 years already & after the post came out, I received lots of ideas on how to do it without mixing it in with the blogs I currently follow. Hmmmm….


  9. Sometimes when I find someone’s writing that I enjoy, I am disappointed to find that they haven’t posted in months. Then I usually wonder if they are ok, or if someone needs their time more. Life happens, we’ve all experienced the difference between what we want to do and what we must do. I wish them well and hope they come back – selfishly, because I enjoyed their work. 🙂


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