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Doheny Nesbitts in Dublin, Ireland.

This is why you should always visit where the locals go! On our last night in Dublin, we stumbled upon (or, ok, maybe kind of stumbled in) Doheny Nesbitts! We had been searching for a good local pub and had already quickly visited some local favorites. But they were so packed with people, standing room only is an understatement. This was our last stop-in before calling it a night. After all, we’d both just been kissed (in a cordial way) by our first Irishman!

I was so excited when we walked through the doors. We were greeted by happily playing locals (as seen/heard below) and there was actually some space in the place for us to enjoy a pint or 2!

We had a great time at Doheny & Nesbitt ! We were able to drink some scarcely available Guinness and whiskey. I hate myself right now because I am unable to remember the exact labels. If I could, I would be scouring the internet for a way to purchase and ship them. Although the specialty of them was that they were un-orderable. Only available in a handful of the older pubs in Dublin, even. They were AWESOME! The prices weren’t astronomical either. 🙂 Our bearded bartender was incredible and extremely helpful. If you are in Dublin, you MUST stop by Doheny & Nesbitt!

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