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When You Mañana Your Fitness Goals Too Much

Today I had a good long chat with David from Chape Fitness. I had a good whine about how I have managed to gain a ton of weight since my surgery last year & how frustrated I am that its obviously a hormonal thing, but that I just can’t seem to get the weight back down.

Part of my frustration comes from the fact that David had me in superb condition which stayed great for much more than the following year and had me feeling fantastic when it came time to try on wedding dresses! But the surgery, it ruined everything. Thankfully, David to the rescue! He told me that for number one: I cannot wait to begin. No more ‘Tomorrow’ ‘mañana’. If I want to get serious, I have to do it and do it today!

In case you are wondering; I run to David for my fitness/weight/diet instruction because I trust him. I have worked with him before and he knows how to get (and keep) the flab off! Most fitness bloggers only last a few months, but I have been actively following his blog for more than 2 years now. In the blogosphere, longevity speaks volumes! And finally, David has this way of insisting I do the right thing – even in a quite loud voice on the required occasions, but always with a smile on his face and a friendly pat on the back to follow.

Start Now was his big piece of daily advice, and he’s absolutely correct! That’s why I am sharing it with you now. Why wait until 1st January? Let’s start now! I’m sure we can accrue a cheat day or 2 for the holidays…right? 😀 😀

If you would like to read this inspirational post, you can find it by clicking here.

Are you starting your fitness goals today?



  1. I really enjoyed our morning chat, dear! Later this morning I realized that I was missing our regular chats, a lot!! Personal training has these things, clients become friends, very good friends 😀 And that´s something I love about my job.
    We did it once, and we´ll do it again. No matter the hormones, the cold weather or the busy schedule, we´ll find the way to get you back in shape 😉
    A million thanks for your trust, and this beautiful post!
    P.S. As I reblogged your previous post today, this one has to wait until tomorrow. You know I´m a one-post-per-day blogger, LOL.
    Big hugs!!

    • Wow, what a great comment! I know what you mean, those chats are really refreshing 🙂
      Thank you for your perseverance. Let’s do this!
      LOLz. I do know that you are a one post per day. I don’t know how you do a post everyday. I’m still working up to that point. Thanks for the reblog(s)!

      • My secret is… lots of planning. As I´m used to planning workouts and meals, it was easy to make the switch, LOL! Also, as I post about fitness (mostly) and not about my day to day life, I don´t have problems to find topics to talk about 😉
        Reblogging in a few, after breakfast 😀
        Have a wonderful day!

  2. Good luck! And I can’t help but recommend a weight loss program that has been incredibly effective for me and my husband. It’s NOT A DIET. Repeat: not a diet. It’s an easy-to-absorb combination of tips, insights, behaviour modification and support community and it’s all done online so you can watch the videos when convenient.

  3. Thank you! I have been bemoaning my weight for awhile. I have been into exercise before. So when I think exercise, I think big. But, I will start today. Even if just in some small way.

  4. I’ve been participating in local club swimming events for over thirty-five years. Today, i dead-heated for second place in an 800m handicap swim. The moral? Make fitness a habit, and you’ll reap the benefits all of your life.

    • That’s so GREAT to hear! How awesome of you! I hope that you are really proud of yourself, you should be…anywhere near the top 5 feels almost impossible. 😀 Great comment, thanks so much for sharing!

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