A Small Love Poem + A Great Lemon Drizzle Cake — Nigro’s Kitchen

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I really wanted to share this great post from www.nigroskitchen.com

He has some really awesome stuff there, so I highly recommend you stop by for a visit!

Don’t worry if you see some ingredients here that you may not have access to. I already asked about Castor sugar and self raising flour. He explained it to me in a way where I think I can find (or create) a suitable substitute that will work the same 😉



A small and beautiful poem about love along with a great lemon drizzle cake recipe. What’s not to like?

via A Small Love Poem + A Great Lemon Drizzle Cake — Nigro’s Kitchen


The Diderot Effect


Hello there 🙂

I’ve recently been having a bit of trouble controlling my impulses. As most of you well know, I’ve been going the minimalist route. A loose version of the colorful capsule wardrobe; AKA: I don’t have a lot of money, so I have very few quality pieces that currently fit.

I received a few new items for my birthday several months ago. 🙂 However, I’ve been noticing recently that I find myself wanting more. I catch myself perusing online shopping venues, walking through luxury store chains, searching for that perfect piece, made of 100% natural fibres, that I cannot afford yet desperately want to bring home with me. I’ve been questioning why I remain unsatisfied with the items I have.

Finally, I realized what was happening. This urge to buy all new, not just replace worn out items. Thus comes the Diderot effect. It’s a driving factor in consumerism and marketing firms depend upon it.

The Diderot Effect is a theory coming from Frenchman ___ Diderot in the 18th century. He wrote about this consumerist cause and affect theory when he received a nice new dressing gown as a gift from a friend. Diderot noticed, that when compared to his new dressing gown, his belongings looked shabby. He needed to replace his items, so as to match his new dressing gown. He went so far as to even replace the art in his home!

This compulsion to purchase. When 1 purchase leads to further purchases to ‘go with’ the original purchase, this is the Diderot effect. It can be a short term ‘over shop’ or a long term consistent need for new items, even when the original item is not worn out or damaged.

The question remains however, how do we break this cycle? When is enough, enough? Please share any ideas you have on this. If this is a standard problem, a logic issue, there HAS to be a well known way to counter our thinking. I just don’t know what it is.

Thanks for reading!


*Photo Source: Pixabay, copyright free images

Flabby-Assed to Fabulous with Chape! Week 3 Update

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Welcome to my week 3 update! This week, I seem to have sabotaged myself a bit. I am hanging at around 70kg. Still having the weight fluctuations, but not as severely as last week. Not to mention, David wrote an awesome post about it (Click HERE to read it) and it helped to further calm my nerves.

It actually makes a lot of sense. I have, after all, gained a lot of muscle, turned my eating habits upside down & my body is getting used to a ton more water, plus my hormones are freaking out, and let’s not even mention the lack of…candy.

I have steadily been losing body fat, even if the scales don’t make it look that way. My body fat percentages for the past 3 weeks are as follows:

  • Start: 48,7% body fat, 34,6% body fat mass & 36,4% lean body mass
  • Week 2: 47,4% body fat, 32,9% body fat mass & 36,4% lean body mass
  • This week: 45,3% body fat, 31,7% body fat mass & 38,3% lean body mass!

In short, my fat % is decreasing & my lean body mass % is increasing! YAY! I love it when I’m going in the proper direction 🙂

This week, I know that I did not do as well as I probably would have given other circumstances. I’ve had a migraine for the past couple days, so really all I have done is take medicine, try to eat reasonably & of course do my workouts. But for any additional running around? Well, I was quite lazy, to tell the truth. Really, all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and just breathe there. So I’m quite proud of myself for keeping to the plan. But float around sprinkling fairy dust, I was not. That’s on me, and only me. I do feel that once my body finds its ‘normal’ again after all the medication I’ve ingested over the past few days, that we’ll be rocking and rolling towards a body that will fit in my too small clothes!

As for this weeks most hated exercise, its these weight lunges. OMG. I can’t even do it with 10 kgs in my hands! Video to be found by clicking HERE.

To be continued next week! See you soon and wish me luck!

If you are interested, Chape is currently having a contest. The winner will receive 3 months of online personal training with David, a €450 value FREE! Sign up by following this LINK.

How’s your week in fit been?


If you would like to learn more about Chape Fitness, click on the name to visit their site!

Do Men Really Feel This Way About Women Over 30?!?


Hi there,

I think I’m in shock, not really sure what to say but I definitely have to say something! I knew the internet was a bit of a ‘wild west’ but I’ve always lived under the assumption that people could conduct themselves with a bit of self-respect and act like adults who at least pretend to have a modicum of respect for those out there who are not identical to the writer. Oh, how wrong I have been!

As you know, I spend A LOT of time researching for the experiments I write about. I was online today reading about the challenges to  making the most out of your already existing wardrobe and how to glam it up a bit. Apparently, 80% (statistic created in my own head) of the articles seem geared towards the late Teens – 20’s crowd. (Most of which who aren’t in possession of the 40’s finances required – BTW.) So, I had to do an entirely different search for fashion for women who don’t want to live in miniskirts and skorts. The grown up model. The 30+ crowd, as we are really the ones that can afford the quality purchases. What I found was….very disappointing.

What was under my search was THIS ARTICLE. Much like a train wreck; You know you shouldn’t look, but you kind of have to. I had to read it.  I read it in it’s entirety.  I have never read such foulness towards women. In short: Unmarried women over 30 are old useless hags who only want a man because her looks are gone & no-one will have her. If you want the long version, you’ll have to read the linked article (top of paragraph ) yourself.

I am confused. My 20’s were horrible. True, I was dating, I went out with my friends, I had fun. But honestly? I had no idea what life was yet. I was so busy just trying to keep a roof over my head, food (ramen) in my mouth & clothes (cheapest thing I could get) on my back that I had no comprehension that there was more to life than the struggle. I know that the majority of women have shared this 20’s construction zone. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I actually understood who I was! It was the first time in my life that I was actually comfortable in my own body & even proud of it. It was then that I realized that if I could stop focusing on the details, I could see the big picture & actually enjoy life a bit. But according to this writer, when I came into my beauty at 30, I was actually aged out of it. Old. Shrivelled. Desperate. Unwanted.

And the 40’s? Fuhgget about it…. Apparently 40 is the desperate new 80. Auts! This writer is convinced that because a woman in her 40’s actually started a conversation with him in the line at the market, that she was really wanting to drag him to her house, and take him to bed. Why?! Can we no longer be polite without people thinking we are so desperate as to sleep with any male person we come into contact with? Where in the world did this myth get started? Shall we cease to feel sexy in our own right, stop wearing makeup or heels, stop doing our hair? Should we stop speaking to younger people for fear that we will have to explain to them that ‘put away your ego. I’m not trying to fuck you. You remind me of my nephew who lives far away & I hope people are kind to him, so I’m being kind to you’ or some such explanation?

It is apparent that the writer is in need of a great deal of therapy, given his absolute disdain. What really got me was the comments. There were so many! Most of them agreeing with the article in quite strong terms. I am absolutely horrified at how many people seem to feel this way. Truly. I did not realize people could be so openly cruel. The internet truly is a savage place!

This article was about ‘older’ unmarried women, but I’m putting the question to you about both – married & unmarried, as his descriptions seemed to be aimed at all – his rage only targeted towards the single ladies.

The question I am putting to you is: Do people really feel this way? How do you feel about a woman in her 30’s, 40’s & 50’s?


*Photo Source: Pixabay copyright free photos

Flabby- Assed to Fabulous with Chape! Week 2 Update

Hi there 🙂

Most of you know by now that I’ve been working with my old buddy old pal David from Chape Fitness, to shed this extra winter blubber that’s been keeping me warm this year.  Things have been going great! With the daily workouts, the nutrition help & knowing that my trainer is keeping a veeerrrryyyy close eye on me – I really have no choice but to succeed. That being said, its on to the summary of my week.

I hit under 70 kgs! This was my first goal, and the most difficult thus far. But I reached it and I’m SO HAPPY! YYYAAAYYY!!! 😀 😀

This week, was the week of weight fluctuations. That’s right, you guessed it! I am losing my mind. Not a little bit either. Full on panicky emails at 6 in the morning asking David what I did wrong. To which he replies: ‘I told you about the weight fluctuations. Check it again tomorrow. You won’t believe it, its weird.’ I didn’t believe him. But you know what? He was absolutely correct. And it is WEIRD! I’m not kidding. I hit under 70 at 69,9 kg, then the next day I weighed in at 70,6. The day after that? 69.5 kg! Thats a 1,1 kg or 2,5 lb weight loss in one day!

That made me very happy, but I’m still so worried that I’ll wake up and all the weight will be back. This fear is my nightmare. It’s like I feel so out of control of my own weight that I’m afraid it will all just pile on me while I’m sleeping like hair gel on a girls night. So odd. I know that if I am just able to maintain good momentum, I will get to a point where I know that I will have had to do something really spectacular & totally irresponsible to fear instantaneous weight gain. Honestly? I cannot wait until that day comes!

This week, I ate well…for the most part. For the rest of it, my diet was shit. Apparently, I have loads of self-control when I’m at home & surrounded by people who respect what I’m going through. I could not be more grateful for this! However, when I am out or with other people – well, I succumb to temptation. This weeks temptation was a coffee party. Basically, a group getting together for ‘coffee’ which also involves copious amounts of home baked goods, pastries, cakes, cookies. *Drool, drool, drool….. I think you know me well enough by now to know that I would never be so rude as to turn down a fresh baked good being served to me by the chef! Of course not! Never! Instead, I scarfed them down like the little piglet I am and went back for more. I mean, David did say ‘Lay off the industrial baked goods!’ – these weren’t industrial, they were homemade!  😉

Exercise. The workouts are going well. This week, I was thrilled when my hubby shared his observation that my hips seem to be getting a teensy bit smaller! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! 😀 Mondays are leg day, which means I’m sore for at least 2 days after that. This week, I thought I would have a leg up (haha, pun intended) since my body went through its healing process last week. But Nooooo, somebody increased my reps. So, I’m still here, being an amateur. But I’m loving it. Really. If my guy is noticing a difference, then something wonderful is happening!

This is my least favourite, yet highly effective exercise of the week: The forward lunges with hand weights. It’s basically impossible for me to get all the way down & back up without doing that geriatric grunt. You know the one, ‘uuuuhhhh oooohhhh – ow’.  Here’s the video for my weeks’ most hated.

My goal for this upcoming week is to settle into the weight loss. I really REALLY want to see something under 69 kg. But speaking the truth, if I can just stop yo-yo’ing and land on a smaller number, it would be great. I’m also hoping to get my body somewhat used to the exercises so I can not only push myself a bit further, but also enjoy a brief moment of ‘Oh yeah, I got this!’. David said he’s also working on finding me healthy alternatives for my baked goods habit. Good thing he also serves as a therapist, because there will be tears.

How’s your New Years Bod coming along?

Also, I wanted to share with you that David is having a Fitness Meet & Greet with a link share, so if you feel like doing a bit of networking or dropping your link, you can find the post by clicking here.

Wifi Crashes, Everyone Panics


What happens when the Wifi goes down? Life ends, of course. Or so one would think, anyway, if one witnessed the morose, nearly teary-eyed faces that are the result of a lost internet connection.

I realized after several hours, that, the struggle is real. This got me thinking; Are we really so dependent on our devices, that it feels like our world is crashing down around our ears when we can’t use them temporarily? That’s not OK.

How did we get to this point? How did we get so chained to our screens that the simple act of living life, going outside to play, throwing a snowball – takes so much more effort than zoning out on a video game for hours on end. You’ve all heard me rant about these things before. But more and more, it is becoming apparent to me that our complete and total dependence on the internet is becoming a problem.

Now, I’m not talking about googling recipes, downloading your workout regime or online shopping. Not even the occasional video game  and certainly not Netflix. These are all things that can be done in a relatively short period of time, downloaded & referenced later, or what have you. What I’m talking about is our drool-faced, empty staring, moved to tears because Instagram can’t be accessed – absolute addiction to a constant internet presence. This is not healthy. For any of us. Since when are we so important that emails must be received and answered immediately, regardless of the time of day? I’ve got news for you: 92% of us are NOT that important. (Random statistic created within the boundaries of my own skull.)  You get what I’m saying. We have kept ourselves in an on-call status for far too long now. More than ever, I think it’s time to force ourselves to unplug every now and then. Go out, live life, then come back and reconnect to the net.

What are your thoughts?



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Win 3 Months of Personal Training!


This is pretty cool. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Chape has just started this contest. Basically, all you need to do is follow THIS LINK and sign-up. The contest runs for the next 30 days.

Its a great deal, as 3 months is valued at 450 Euros!

Please let us know if you win!


Flabby-Assed to Fabulous: Week 1 update.

Yoga dog says ‘You aren’t exercising enough, lazy girl!’…Haha, she’s my motivator. Apparently, if I’m not on the mat for too long, she makes herself a spot there. Always great to have a buddy to keep you going! 🙂

As most of you know, I’m working with David from Chape fitness to get back in shape! This is my 1st update, after my first 7 days on this new regime.

Today, I’m feeling good & I’m feeling sore! No joke, yesterday was a big time leg day after a weekend of rest and I feel like I’m walking like a cowboy. Ou, ou, ou…….

I’m not actually hungry, but I fear that I will be  this next week, when I actually do what I should be doing.

So this is where I started:


And this is where I am after the 1st 7 days:


800 grams down! That’s like 1.5 lbs which falls into the healthy loss range per 1 week of weight loss. YEEESSSSSS! I’m so happy, I’m really hoping to break under 70 kg next week. 🙂 🙂

I’m actually really loving this regime. The exercise is hard, at least for me when I’m starting all over again. But in 30 minutes, its short enough that I’m not having to force myself to do it. I know that if I can just get down on the mat, I will work my way through it in good time. When I’ve completed said workout, I feel really good about myself! Its like, I don’t have feel bad about not doing it right, because every time I make myself the proper food, eat my snack and do my workout, I’ve done everything David asked! I actually did it! So when I try to make myself feel bad for being lazy – I can’t! And that’s a wonderful feeling 🙂

I have also noticed (as of yesterday & Friday) that when my workout is over, I now have energy to do more…and want to! This was a huge surprise, as I thought I would be running from that mat just as fast as I could (like I was the 1st 3 days). But instead, I’ve actually asked David if it’s ok to do some extra exercises from other days. 0_O He rather that I do extra workouts from the same day set, and not from other days. I can clearly understand why, because he has it worked out & it’s a quite intricate system.

The recipes have been really great. I knew that my count of 40 was waayyyy too low, so I went back and tried to count how many recipes he really sent me. No joke, I lost count about 130 something. I went back and looked, because there are so many. 270 recipes there. 270! Yeah, with that kind of variety, I don’t think its possible for anyone to complain! So far, I’ve tried a few. They worked out really well (even if I had to substitute an ingredient here & there).

One of the recipes I really like (& it’s super easy) is the tuna salad recipe. I’ve eaten this 3 times this week. The recipe I was given, was to take 1 avocado (mash it up), add 1 can of white meat tuna & black pepper, then mix. That was actually really good & extremely healthy! For me, I’m having a hard time not using mayonnaise. But I found an egg salad recipe he sent that used yogurt instead of mayo. I added a big spoonful of Turkish yogurt to the mix and it was so creamy and good! Granted, it tasted healthy – because nothing tastes like mayo. But, it was the healthiest version of a dish I love and it was surprisingly yummy. I could get used to this! Oh, wait. I think I have to. Hahaha…Score!

I had difficulties this week 5 ways:

  • I stopped counting. Sort of. I didn’t count every last gram of protein or carbs.  I kind of used it as a suggestion. So, when I ate my baguette slices (Ooohh..bad, bad!) I kind of didn’t take it away from anything else. I justified it by the fact that I could eat unlimited veggies – and the bowl of spinach, tomato & mozzarella in from of me counted as veg. For the most part anyway, which brings me to >>>
  • Cheese is not only for dessert. I couldn’t do it. I only cheated twice this week. But its still a lot. Ironically, I had no cheese for dessert. But I did have soft mozzarella on my spinach salad. Something about it being a bit taboo, made me want it more than usual. I do not understand this phenomenon. Any crazy-people doctors out there willing to share their expertise on the matter?
  • Water and green tea. I did not drink enough of either. It is a lot for me to drink 2 liters of water per day. I am trying to increase my intake, but I’m not doing very well at it. I am, however, chugging a glass of water (warm, if possible) immediately every morning to get my metabolism started. And I’m very proud of that 🙂 For the 1st 2 days, I really tried to stick to all the recommendations. On day 3, I had to ask David if I could not drink green tea after dinner. You see, I don’t drink a lot of caffeine. I was up until almost 2 in the morning, after drinking green tea in the evening, so he gave me a pass on the night time cup.
  • I could not do the full set/time on some of the exercises. Like this forearm plank. It’s a warm-up for me, but I can’t hold it for the full time. It looks so easy, but it hurts so bad. I know my bum & belly will thank me for it, but – Oooowwwwyyyy! I DID notice during yesterdays warm-up however, that I can already hold those insanely difficult planks for longer, after just continuing to try every day. Yay! 🙂
  • I could not eat 5 x’s per day. I have 3 meals, and 2 snacks – which consist of 1 piece of fruit per snack. For some bizarro reason, I could not eat the full amount. I found myself either skipping meals, or skipping a snack. Every single day. Shame on me! I have to do better next week. I was surprisingly too full to think about eating more – even though my portions are controlled. How weird is that?!

Technically, these aren’t rule breaks – but I couldn’t do exactly the regime, so I’ve included them.

Lessons learned this week:

  • You have to follow the program exactly, if you want the best results. This means; no exercising off-grid, EAT the way you are supposed to, drink the way you are supposed to!
  • Alcohol will kill progress. A glass of wine or pint of beer is okay every so often, but going out to a party and having several drinks in one day – that will kill your progress. Not to mention leading to a slightly grumpy personal trainer….
  • Don’t cross-contaminate workouts. 
  • Apologize when you screw up. I’ve done much of that this week, and yet David still continues to work with me 🙂

Great changes that happened this week!:

  • 800 g gone!
  • I have more energy! I know that this will increase even more, but in the past few days I’ve felt more awake, motivated – than before. And that, is awesome!
  • I’m already seeing results! This is a huge surprise, since its only been 7 days. But I can tell the difference, even slightly in the way my body moves & how quickly I’m adapting to the programme. (Except for leg day. That was brutal!) Best thing is: I’m so motivated now because I can’t wait to see how my body changes!
  • I’m not hungry! I don’t know if it’s all the extra water intake or what. But I’m eating at least half less of the overflowing portions I was before, but I don’t feel like I’m on Barbie sized portions. I can eat 100g of fish plus a bucket full of vegs, but I prefer to eat in proportions relative to one another, and extra later if I need it. And here’s the clincher: I don’t HAVE to east small portions. I can eat unlimited amounts of veg. However much I want to! I just…don’t need it. Not right now, anyway. How cool is that?!

What do you think? Going well, or not?

I’m off now, gone to my days’ weight workout 😉



Check out The Cost Breakdown Of Being a Batman & Iron Man-Over half a Billion $


I had to share this awesomely fun post by www.matiuadex.com
Have you ever thought about how much it would cost IRL to be a superhero? Ponder no more, the entire financial breakdown is here! I geeked-out so hard when I read this post & I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!
Thanks, Matiuadex for allowing me to share this!

I Read a Great Quotable Phrase Today

While I was visiting some blogs today, I saw this in one of the posts. I thought it was so perfect, I had to share it!

You are younger now than you will ever be.’ That’s it. Simple. True. It really shines some perspective on the fact that most of us over the age of 35, miss the days when we were younger – had less responsibility – looked better in anything we wore, etc. It’s true though, that we will never again be as young as we are today. Years from now, we may look back and wish for this time to return. So how’s about we make the best of the time we have…now…and live with no regrets in our later years!

How perfect is that?!


I’ve Officially Begun the Blog Following Experiment

I thought long and hard if I should invest the time and effort required to do this, and the answer is ‘Yes’. A while back, I was quite frustrated because so many of the blogs I follow just seem to drop off the face of the earth. No explanation, no nothing. Sometimes a blogger will return months later with an apology post. I understand that life happens. But it can’t be that so many people drop out due to illness or family situations.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read my initial post here. I wrote a post saying that I was so tempted to follow a random 1000 blogs for 1 year to see how many were left standing at the end of that year. I didn’t want to do it from this blog because I am an avid reader of the blogs I follow here. I didn’t want them mixed up & wasn’t sure how to go about it, or if I should.

Thanks to the fact that I’ve got some awesome people who actually read my blog (THANK YOU!), I got some great advice in the comment section. So, I created a different site and spent several weeks following my 1000 blogs that will make up my ‘research base’. Once every month for the next 12 months, I will go through and unfollow every blog that has not posted for 2 months or more. (I am leaving a bit of room for error on the updated message, as some bloggers may have scheduled posts a month in advance.) On the 12th month, I will visit each blog that hasn’t updated in 1 month just to make sure there aren’t really any new posts (earlier than a month) and if not, I will unfollow those as well.

Each month, I will post an update of how many remain out of the original 1000. If I can manage to keep track of it, I will also keep a record of how many I lost that particular month and maybe it will give us a glimpse of actual insights. Plus, I will continually be looking for any additional publications or stats regarding the same issue.

This should be an interesting experiment. I do hope its worth the time I’m investing in it & I hope you find it somewhat interesting as well.

My first stats to share with you are this: It took me about a month to follow 1000 blogs. By the time I got them all followed, there were 5 blogs that hadn’t updated (according to the reader) in 2 months or more. I’m thinking that most of these had to have scheduled posts because I followed from the reader. Of the 1000 followed blogs, 28 followed me back. 1 of those that followed, no longer exists as a WP site. Wow, that was fast!

Thanks for reading!


New Year, New Bod: Here We go! From Flabby-Assed to Fabulous with Chape Fitness

Happy 2018!

So here we are, resolution day 2. Believe it or not, my New Years resolution wasn’t to get into shape. It was to be the happy, loving, giving person I’ve always been before I let the stress of everything turn me into a – (*gasp!) – ‘Realist”. A stressed out realist who is also seemingly unable to exercise any form of self-control whatsoever.

It seems that I’ve been complaining  A LOT and whining quite loudly about my rapid weight gain in the past 8 months. So my buddy David at Chape Fitness decided to help me out. Again. You see, Chape and I have a history. I’ve known David for about 2 & ½ years now. My weight has always fluctuated, and I asked for his help about 2 years ago. I trusted him by that point and he really took the time to get me situated. I had reached ( & surpassed) my weight goal in September of 2016. You can read the summary here. I was thrilled with the results and fortunately, I had my bikini bod rockin’ when my (then boyfriend) proposed! I also felt great when I found my perfect wedding dress in a EU size 36 – US size 6!

So what happened? You may be asking yourself. Well, I had some medical issues last year and in March I had to go in to have my uterus removed. There were minor complications, but those kind that keep you in bed for weeks. And 2 months before our wedding day! I knew it was going to be impossible going. I had my dress taken out and my loving groom promised he would carry everything if I could just walk there. Which I did without a problem. We both expected weight gain so soon after the surgery. I had gone from a every other day routine with 12 kg (25 lb) Kettlebells, going for a pull with the huskies and being an active (albeit sick) person  – to….nothing. I was the blob. I just breathed…literally. I noticed when I finally started to feel ‘normal’ again that something was off. I was emotional. I was hungry. Not like – I need a snack – hungry. More like eating with both hands while my husband watched in horror and then repeating it an hour later – hungry. When the brave loving soul I married finally felt the need to say something about it, I had to listen. I looked it up (along with the fact that this normally always cold person was now opening the windows in a snow storm because she was ‘hot’) and it was obvious what had happened. Hormones. Hormones happened. And I don’t mean a little flutter of weirdness. I mean laughing one minute and throwing deli meats the next. Welcome to perimenopause. It supposedly hits about 10 years before actual menopause, and given that I just had surgery that, um…..helps that along. Well, welcome to crazy. Welcome to hungry. Welcome to hot, cold, hot, cold, just right, sweating, hot, hot, freezing – look at your psychotic wife and tell her you love her, damned it! – HORMONES. And the weight continued to pack on…

Just a week or so ago, I posted this post ranting about how I no longer fit in my clothes. Yes, I even have a muffin top in my ‘big pants’. Ugh. Over the holidays, I was messaging with David and complaining (He’d seen the post) mixed in with Happy Holiday wishes. He promised to help me and I gratefully accepted his guidance. After all, he did work miracles last time, and it’s not like I just went on food binge to gain all the weight back. Now, I’m not sure if he decided to help me to just make me stop clucking about it, or because he genuinely hates to see me suffer; and I don’t care. The point is – he’s getting me ‘right’ again. As a side note, I’m not sure how he manages to succeed online where others have failed miserably in person. But somehow he does. It’s like he commands honesty and dedication & we want to give it to him. Like some weird obligation to actually be legit (for once). I know I could scarf down a box of Christmas mints & just not tell him about it. But I also know the he will figure it out & I don’t want to be that disappointing client. But, I digress. I warned him that this was hormone weight that I’ve packed on. Apparently, when it’s hormonal, it’s like 1000 times more stubborn. He kind of laughed at me. That was the coolest ‘No problemo’ I’ve had come my way in a while.

My current weight is 71 kg / 160 lbs and a large percentage of that weight is being carried front and center in my gut. Belly & bum. I look pregnant, with a round 40 inch/ 102 cm belly and my bum & hips are both 44 inches/112 cm around (Yes, it’s like 1 big continuous berry back there. Blec). I’m really not loving that my diameter is in such a high proportion to my height! My  ultimate goal weight is 55 kg / 122 lbs. I know this sounds small, but I’m only 160 cm/ 5ft. 3in. tall so I don’t carry any extra weight well.

So here we are! Day 1 of a very exciting process. I opened my PC late last night to a few very big surprises! I kind of thought this was going to be like it was 2 years ago. That I check in, he changes my diet and workouts according to how he sees things going, I report in daily and he’s available for me when I need to chat. Uuuuhhhh… Nope. This extremely dedicated gentleman spent his holiday creating a personalized workout plan for every single day of this month (weekends are free) plus a slew of recipes created just for me! I’m not having a laugh, seriously, there are at least 40 recipes that consists of the foods I love without the foods that I hate that look delicious and somehow magically exclude the foods I can’t have but it still looks yum. Super! I spent the day at the market buying fish, light tuna, avocado, sweet potato, turkish yogurt, fruit and fizzy water.

What else is different? Well, A LOT! I feel like a VIP client now. I now have to drink water (warm) 1st thing when I wake up. I’m supposed to drink green tea before each meal, I have portion control now (100 g of fish, but I can eat all the veg I want. 1 piece of fruit for my 2 snacks daily & a goal of 2 liters water per day.) my workouts seem to be a bit heavier now (For example; I’m starting with this move that I hated when I got it much later on in the process last time) my workouts vary slightly from day to day, I’ve been told I can have a mint per day, Bree in tiny slices for dessert & I can have bread if I’m dying but it will take away from my overall daily allowance of protein, carbs, et al. Not to mention, he still makes himself available to me morning, day and night whenever I need to talk. Seems like he has taken my stubborn fat and desperate plea very seriously! So should I. I’ve been hyper motivated all day!

I think my difficult bits will be working my way through those kitchen forays – meals with the family – and those days when I really just want to Netflix and chill. But I think we can do it. I trust David, he’s done nothing but great for me and I’m so excited about fitting in my clothes again soon!

I’ll be posting about my progress (or lack thereof), workouts and recipes once weekly. If your New Years resolution is to lose some weight (stubborn blubber or not), I want to make sure you can try some of these things with me!

Thanks so much for reading!


If you are wondering how we manage to handle a strict Personal Training regime while International, it’s because we’re using evernote to manage everything. It works surprisingly well 🙂