I’ve Officially Begun the Blog Following Experiment

I thought long and hard if I should invest the time and effort required to do this, and the answer is ‘Yes’. A while back, I was quite frustrated because so many of the blogs I follow just seem to drop off the face of the earth. No explanation, no nothing. Sometimes a blogger will return months later with an apology post. I understand that life happens. But it can’t be that so many people drop out due to illness or family situations.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read my initial post here. I wrote a post saying that I was so tempted to follow a random 1000 blogs for 1 year to see how many were left standing at the end of that year. I didn’t want to do it from this blog because I am an avid reader of the blogs I follow here. I didn’t want them mixed up & wasn’t sure how to go about it, or if I should.

Thanks to the fact that I’ve got some awesome people who actually read my blog (THANK YOU!), I got some great advice in the comment section. So, I created a different site and spent several weeks following my 1000 blogs that will make up my ‘research base’. Once every month for the next 12 months, I will go through and unfollow every blog that has not posted for 2 months or more. (I am leaving a bit of room for error on the updated message, as some bloggers may have scheduled posts a month in advance.) On the 12th month, I will visit each blog that hasn’t updated in 1 month just to make sure there aren’t really any new posts (earlier than a month) and if not, I will unfollow those as well.

Each month, I will post an update of how many remain out of the original 1000. If I can manage to keep track of it, I will also keep a record of how many I lost that particular month and maybe it will give us a glimpse of actual insights. Plus, I will continually be looking for any additional publications or stats regarding the same issue.

This should be an interesting experiment. I do hope its worth the time I’m investing in it & I hope you find it somewhat interesting as well.

My first stats to share with you are this: It took me about a month to follow 1000 blogs. By the time I got them all followed, there were 5 blogs that hadn’t updated (according to the reader) in 2 months or more. I’m thinking that most of these had to have scheduled posts because I followed from the reader. Of the 1000 followed blogs, 28 followed me back. 1 of those that followed, no longer exists as a WP site. Wow, that was fast!

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56 thoughts on “I’ve Officially Begun the Blog Following Experiment”

  1. This is so interesting, Mliae. I’ll be interested in hearing how it all turns out. I thought there was a limit ? to how many you can follow, as on mine it says I can’t do anymore, and I’m sure I don’t have anywhere near 1,000. Great experiment you’ve taken on. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! Speaking the truth, I am quite surprised how interested people seem to be in this πŸ™‚ A limit? I don’t know, it has to be quite high I would guess. I know there is a daily limit, which is why it took me almost a month to follow all of them. I wonder where we could find out about that. Hhhmmm… Thanks again!

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  2. This is interesting to me because a little over a year ago I was blogging until, one day, I shut down my site. I wasn’t sick and there was time for it. The reason I did so was because I had kind of run the course on the material I was presenting at that time, and it was too early (about a year too early) to share what I will be sharing on my new site when it is up and running. So there. There’s one scenario for you concerning reasons why this may happen. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes! I am so glad you said that, thank you. I knew that sometimes blogs had a singular purpose (i.e.; losing the weight) & I always wondered what happened when they reached their goals. I’m glad you shared this & I (we) will keep it in the possibilities. Thanks! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I do try. You know those moments when you think to yourself ‘I wonder if….’ well, that’s basically what I do too & I try to find out the answer sometimes! Thank you for your comment.


    1. I’m not sure. I really hope that some kind of usable data comes from this. Or enough to form a solid hypothesis for further study. Basically, it’s just because I was losing my mind with it & wanted to see what would happen.

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  3. Great experiment. Thanks for putting in the time. The results will be interesting for all of us. Am I making a mistake by not following all those that follow me? I just don’t have time to read that much info in a day or week.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I think it will be an interesting outcome. I am so curious to see if we can gather any usable data from it.
      As for following those that follow you: Noooooo…you are NOT making a mistake. You follow who interests you! It never hurts to find an article you like & ‘like’ it, but I would never recommend following something that doesn’t fully pique your interests. That’s just a waste of time.

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  4. I love experiments like this! I’ve actually thought the same thing recently, one of the blogs I follow popped up under another name (same picture) and I checked out the post…they had abandoned the first because it didn’t feel right anymore. I think I’ll be going through my own list to weed out the people who haven’t updated. Hopefully that also helps cut down on the clutter in my reader (if and when they ever return!) I can’t wait to hear about your findings.

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    1. They abandoned it because it didn’t feel right?!? I highly recommend doing a purge. It will clean out your reader and declutter your follow list, so its easier to find what you’re looking for!

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  5. that is such a neat experiment. I wonder if there is a trend in the type of blog that lasts compared to the types that don’t make it a year?

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  6. I think I said on your previous post that I do something similar to this, but I give bloggers six month break. I have found that with some bloggers, they migrate to different platforms take me with them, so I don’t realise but their site disappears of my subscription lists, I can’t remember how many people I unfollowed at the start of the month, between 10 and 20

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    1. Ah, ok! Yeah I do think you said it. I didn’t realize they are taking you with them, that’s pretty cool. I know nothing about transferring to other platforms. I know people do it, but I don’t have any experience with the process. What you said makes sense. Thank you so much for sharing!

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      1. The only way I have found is to search the blog name on google, then it pops up, I am sure there must be a way of doing it through wordpress. When I have searched on the manage followed blogs reader, the site no longer comes up, I might try through the reader again.

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  7. Hi Mliae, happy New Year! That’s a very interesting experiment and can’t wait to stalk you more for the results. 😊 As an aside, what would be best way of finding consistent, like-minded, interactive blogs to follow? I’m totalling struggling as I only follow max 10-15 blogs and I’ve been blogging for over a year!

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    1. Hi there, Jolene πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your comment!
      As for your question; well, its a good one. As for finding consistent & interactive blogs, I think it’s really just a matter of taking the time to check them out. Most blogs have months archived where you can see how many posts have been published. If you see one that’s missing months, it means they’ve posted nothing during that time. You should be able to see how long a person has been blogging & how active they are from their homepage. As for interactive, I would just check the comments section. If you really want to test the waters, like & comment on a post & see what happens. As far as like-minded goes, that’s basically a lot of reading on your part. For me, I use the discover in the reader & check out tags that I’m interested in. Then, I look at the entire site. If it all seems like something I would like to take the time out of my day to read, then I follow. I hope this helps!

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  8. Really enjoyed reading this so while you are unfollowing people on Wp I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and following and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed themπŸ˜‚
    Can’t wait to see how many blogs there are left in the end

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    1. Haha, I love it! Yeah, I’m looking forward to the results too. If month 1 is any premonition – there won’t be a ton remaining at the end of the year. Thank you for following me and this series!

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