One of my Lucky Readers is Getting Some Awesome Results With Chape!

Hello there 🙂

I pose this question to my fellow bloggers: Do you ever get the feeling that people aren’t really reading or participating in your posts??

I had this feeling EXACTLY! And then, I heard some fun news: One of my readers enrolled in the contest at Chape and won 3 months of free personal training! Glenda, I know you are reading this – please give us a wave, let people see who you are! CONGRATULATIONS GLENDA!!!

Now, I knew this lady is really fun, just judging by the comments she leaves here. But apparently she’s a hard worker too! Aside from the fact that she has managed to outshine me with a whopping 8% loss in body fat (!) I hear that she has also been quite enthusiastically engaged in the entire process. Good for you, lady! David did an entire write up on Glenda’s progress. I would love for you to read it, but since I can’t seem to manage a reblog, I’m linking to it here.

I again, would like to send a 100 Congratulations to Glenda on winning the contest and for making such amazing progress in such a short amount of time! By the way, the feature photo is Glenda’s ‘before’ photo. I can’t wait to see how she’s rocking that bod at the end of 3 months!

David is running another contest now. I encourage everyone to sign up if you are interested. You don’t have to give anything in return or sign up for anything other than your contact info for the contest. You can find it by following this link.

As for me; Progress is going well, but slow. (My fault entirely). Thursday was International Women’s Day and my husband came home with jam filled, white chocolate and cookie covered, heart shaped donuts. Sooooo….. You can guess what kind of sugar crazed animal I morphed into. That wasn’t great for the diet, for sure. But it was delicious and you all know that donuts are far beyond my limits of self-control. More to update next week (when I’ve been good again) 😉

Please visit the Chape website, if you are interested in a Free 14-day trial! There are currently only 4 places remaining.

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12 thoughts on “One of my Lucky Readers is Getting Some Awesome Results With Chape!”

  1. Do you ever get the feeling that people aren’t really reading or participating in your posts?? Unfortunately…YES! That´s why I´m not sharing this new contest on my blog (if any of your readers is wondering and get to read this comment!). I don´t run a contest to get likes on a post about my contest, I want you to sign up. I´m crazy, I know…
    This time the contest incorporates a leaderboard so you can check how many points have you collected, where are you at on the list, etc. Also, this time, there will be 9 winners and special discounts for life!
    Thanks so much for sharing, dear!!! and stay away from the donuts!!! LOL
    Big hugs,

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  2. Yep! I read your blog everyday!!! I am doing REALLY, REALLY WELL! This past week; I went to my Pulmonary specialist because I have had for several years a relentless cough! BUT due to my dietary changes and healthier self. The Doctor released me and said I’m cured. WOOOHOOO! I get up and get out the house and workout at least 4 days a week and that dietary diary really make you think before you eat!
    MIlae, I owe you a huge thanks for Introducing Chape Fitness. My health is better than it’s been in years; I’ve learned to cook healthy. My husband even just about daily says something about the changes in me. Even if it’s only that the food is so healthy!


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