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Getting to know you 15.03.2018: Weaknesses

What would you consider to be your 3 biggest weaknesses?

My answer: Stubbornness, an affliction for ‘retail therapy’ and…. a penchant for forgettfulness



  1. Procrastination has got to be my biggest, followed by going to bed too late, and maybe desserts (but if I like it, I wonder is it still a weakness…..)

    • Procrastination is a big one. Everything flows suit…or… then, not. (Hah, i made a joke πŸ™‚ ) Desserts. Oh whhhyyy is that a weakness? They’re so delicious!

  2. Hah, I can relate to the stubbornness. Plus, a bit of self-destruction (low self-esteem and negative thoughts). Oh, and the third one would be parallel parking πŸ™‚

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