Doors of Ireland





These are some of the doors I was able to capture during our trip!

Have a nice day 🙂



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  1. Glenda says:

    HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Makes me want to go over to see Ireland!

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    1. mliae says:

      You should, it’s such a beautiful country!


  2. sportsdiva64 says:

    How wicked beautiful they look!

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    1. mliae says:

      They were really cool 🙂 That’s why I decided to do my first ‘doors of…’ post. The doors were very ornate. Large and imposing…gorgeous!


  3. Funny how those doors look distinctly Irish. I recently came back from Prague and loved the doors so much I also did a door post – so many unique combinations

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    1. mliae says:

      Isn’t it? It truly is amazing how beautiful a door can be. I remember when I was in Morocco, they were saying that a family will spend the most amount of money on their doorways…the more ornate, the better. It was amazing!


      1. That’s interesting. As the reflection of their home?

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  4. Beautiful. You should put a photographic Video together of all your photos. Some new videotography you might like.


    1. mliae says:

      Thats a good idea 🙂

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