Recycled Book Reading Challenge: The Medici Secret by Michael White

The Medici Secret by Michael White was my RBRC book for the month of May. I have to say that I really enjoyed this one! (So much so, that I’m actually linking to the author’s page).

At first glance, one might easily assume that this book is quite much like the Davinci code series. It actually isn’t. There is a mystery, and ancient clues – so that much is similar, yes. However, the situation is very different and thoroughly explained. The flashbacks to historical events in the story, is actually what sucked me into this book the most. I hate to say it, but it seems that most anything written with a historical Point of View (POV) now is in the romance category. And that’s not my thing…at all. So, this was really refreshing.

This is a work of fiction, but I really loved that the author included an entire section in the back dedicated to the facts behind the fiction. In this section, he also explains where he parted from the facts on certain occasions, and what the actual event was that took place.

If you like historical, adventure, mystery reads – then I’d say this book is for you!

If you would like to join the Recycled Book Reading Challenge, please click on the link to read all about it! Every month, I will link to your posts.

This month, you can check out Colette’s RBRC post by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!


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