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Getting to know you 15.06.2018: Seasons

What is your favourite season of the year? Why?

My answer: Summer. I never ever want to come indoors during the summer!




  1. I like winter. It’s easy to get warm, rug up and put a heater on.
    Summers ok. But when it reaches above 42 degrees Celsius, it’s pretty hard to do anything at all 😂

  2. I am a winter baby. I love wearing heavy sweaters and coats to keep me warm. In the summer no matter what I wear, here in NY with the humidity, you’re still uncomfortable .

  3. Mliae, I love the long sunlight hours of summer. I love just throwing on shorts and a tee, then heading out. I live that my pale skin gets more vibrant in summer. I love looking at all the flowers in our garden (and Derrick Knight’s garden, too). Love that I’m not always cold. But, Mliae, this heat and dry spell is starting to wear me down. 😎😂. Fall is nice.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! My thoughts exactly.
      Funny the way you put that 😉 Fall is nice – until summer is over, then summer is nice 😀

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