I give this place an A++++++++! 120%! As you know, we flew overseas for our wedding. We had about 10 days once we arrived to actually get everything handled. As you know, this is no small task. Even with a wedding planner on hand.

We spoke to some people in the States and discovered that it might be possible to purchase his ring and to have mine repaired, sized and shined – in the States. Time was of the essence, but we wanted the memory of our Stateside wedding in every way possible.

We were referred to the Jewelry Stop by a local who could not say enough good things about the place.  She was certain that if anyone could repair my ring, it would be this place.

We made an appointment and went with the hopes of finding a solution. Much to our surprise, we were met by the owner – Stan. Or, ‘Stan the man’ as we liked to call him 😉

Stan was GREAT! We showed him my ring, which is a family heirloom and was in need of some serious care & repair before the big day. So much so that lesser jewelers wouldn’t even try. We weren’t sure if it was even possible to repair some of the damage, but apparently the words ‘not possible’ don’t exist in this mans’ vocabulary. Yay!

We had a great meeting with Stan. He was determined to restore my ring to its original glory. This was no small feat, let me assure you. Stan showed us everything we wanted to see, and answered all our questions. He helped us to find the perfect band for my husband while we were there. This one had to be ordered, of course. Which added to the time-stress. But he assured us that he would make sure everything was done to high expectation and that not to worry, it will all be here waiting for you in 5 days. Where we live, jewelry repairs and orders take weeks, so we were a bit nervous.

Stan did it! HE MADE IT WORK! My husbands ring arrived perfect and in good time, and he repaired my ring BEAUTIFULLY (I’m serious. I had no idea it could ever look so gorgeous and shiny!) – and he had it all done, ordered, delivered and waiting for us in nice boxes – in 5 days! I highly suspect the man has a time machine in his back office or something.

This man deserves an award. If you are in the Charlotte area, I strongly recommend The Jewelry Stop! This is a great place, with amazing service! I’m adding the website link here.

jewelry stop

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*Feature photo sourced from the Jewelry Stop website. Location photo sourced from Yelp.


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