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Reader Write-In!

I am so excited. I mean, really. You know when you have those moments where you wonder if anyone actually reads your blog…or cares? Well, maybe you don’t. But I definitely do.  Anyway, I was having one of those moments when I checked my email and Da-dah-da! – email from one of my readers whom I just adore.

This lady has been very active and has participated in many elements/competitions/giveaways. It feels fantastic when people participate!

Imagine my joy when I realized that she heard me when I was talking about ‘minimalism’ – basically cleaning it up, making things easier, and organizing like a crazed person. She took my suggestions to heart and actually put them into practice!

She told me that I could publish this letter that she sent to me. And it is a pleasure to do so!


I was highly impacted from the beginning of your articles on minimalism. I just couldn’t get around to following through with the motions of working on my own closet! I actually have 2 closets that are equally cram packed and when I took this picture there was a full load of my clothes in the washing machine!

Can you imagine the trouble I had getting an outfit together in this mess!

g closet b4

I was so impressed by your putting your outfits in an easy to grab fashion!
Also I had things hanging there that I had NOT worn in years but just couldn’t let go of them.

There were things I had been looking for all summer that I found when I cleaned this out. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Below I took a picture of all the empty hangers that were left over once I trudged through the ridiculous amount of clothes I never use!

It was amazing!

This past weekend I packed for a full trip in minutes because everything was in outfits and nothing was lost under the piles of clothes I had I am embarrassed to say just thrown up in my closet

g hangars

Can you see how much I took out?

This was before I had put it in order.

Every time I look in my closet which is obviously at least once daily; I am thankful for you!


g after

I have my things orderly, in outfits , where I can easily :

Pack for a weekend,

Grab an outfit for whatever weather happens to be coming along, and feel good about what I have picked out.

Pocket books are some accessories are in the boxes; scarves are tucked into the tops.


I am so happy about this letter, I have been smiling for days! I have to thank her (THANK YOU!) for letting me know about all of this, and thank her for reading, participating and just being a super cool person!

Happy! Happy!





  1. Mliae, that’s a great letter. Such a good feeling when someone takes your advice to heart. And it’s always a good feeling when someone acknowledges your posts. Keep up the good work. 👍

      • Most say ‘Milae’ which is easier and I completely understand. It’s actually like M’ liae so phonetically: M(mi) – le – a(ah) 🙂

      • Long i and e, as in ‘eye’ and ‘eee’, (Meye lee ah), or, short vowels as in mih-lay-ah? Isn’t this fun? I could say “My lady, Mileah”, or, “Mih Lady. Mihlayah”. Either way, it’s a beautiful name.

      • This is fun! Uuhm, short. As in M(i) lea(h). Thank you for the very kind compliment! 😀
        This made me think, how strange language can be. The phonetics here are quite different from the phonetics there. Ie; ‘I’ here sounds like ‘E’ there & ‘A’ here sounds like ‘AH’ there. We have this name here and I would love to see how you would say it there: Jyrki. Is it weird? Haha… ‘J’ is pronounced like your ‘Y’ 😉

      • YEEESSS! You got it! Can’t believe it… You should be very proud of your ability. I haven’t met a non-Finn yet who can pronounce that name properly.

  2. I agree, it is absolutely lovely when people comment, as I often feel I am writing in the dark for my own amusement! Congrats on inspiring a closet clean-out; I need to do this too. Xx, Alisa

  3. my neighbor turns every clean outfit backwards and if it has not been turned around by the end of the season she gives it away! Such a great way to know what you really wear and use and what can be passed on to someone else.

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