Dressember: Ladies and Gentleman, Please Give This a Glance!

Has anyone here heard of Dressember? I had not. Not until I went on a Ted talk binge watch and heard from the founder of Dressember. It is a fantastic idea and this year, I will be participating!

The central idea behind Dressember is to raise awareness, as well as donations to combat modern day slavery. Yes, slavery still exists and in many forms throughout the world. The point is to wear a dress for women, or a tie for men, every day for the 31 days of December. Why? Because people take notice and its a conversation starter. This gives one the opportunity to tell about Dressember and all the good things you are hoping to do!

The Dressember website has published their research, as well as a thorough accounting for each step of the process. Because of this, I have selected to raise $7,000. This is a huge amount, and I’m not sure that I can do it. However, this amount will cover the entire process for 1 person. That process includes paying for the actual rescue and recovery, plus housing, aftercare funds, and what is necessary to get this rescued person back into life. Their life. A life of freedom. And all the help, psychological and otherwise, that this person may need. So, after knowing all that, it seems worth it to really work hard to raise this money.

My plea to you is this: Please consider joining this movement for the month December. I have set up a team page (I have linked to it below). I would love to have you join my team, or at the very least, check out the Dressember website and make your own mind about it. I feel as if we make a team effort of this, we may actually reach this goal!

Please, I would love for you to join me in this! I have a team page set up here and would love for you to join my team!

So, I will be promoting Dressember and participating in by wearing my dress every day in December (yes, I will take pics)! I have also donated, of course.

I am tagging some good friends in the blogosphere here, in hopes that we can conquer this together! Please forgive me if I am overstepping here. This is the 1st post I have ever done of this kind in 3+ years of blogging and I would never go so far as to plead unless it was a cause that I truly believe in. And in this, I do!

I hope that these friends will join me in this endeavor and I hope that you do too!

Jess at Grubbing with Jess

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Antonio at The Struggle

Jennie at a Teacher’s Reflections

S R Bottch at S’amusing

MSW blog

Bobbi Blogger

Brigid at Watching the Daisies

Spiritual Journey Blog

Derrick Knight from Ramblings

I will be posting regular updates throughout the month of December which will include photographic evidence of my daily dress as well as possibly spotlighting some ethical, sustainable and slow fashion items from companies around the world.

I do hope you will all give this challenge some thought. I wish you a magical December and a great day!

Let’s go Lifexperiment team for Dressember! Hope to see you there!


*My feature photo dress from Love Justly sustainable fashion

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