Keto – 0 / Holiday Food – 1

I am an idiot. I decided that I would start a Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting, 1 week before the holidays. I did great. I lost 2+ Kg in that week! And then, I ate. For 3 days I ate like a normal person. It was wonderful. Guess what happened? In 3 days, I gained back 3 kgs! GGGGGRRRRRR!!!

Quite necessary to say that I hit the diet again today.

My question today is: What good is a diet if you gain it all back over a bad few days? Or is there a point when you get kind of ‘safe’?

Back in the ‘fat pants’…


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34 thoughts on “Keto – 0 / Holiday Food – 1”

  1. I’m in the same gravy boat. 😀 Really, at a certain point in life, I’ve learned one can’t ever go back to the reckless eating thing. Moderation is the best way to maintain.

    -Not that one can’t have any dessert, ever. S/he just can’t eat the whole brownie pan.

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    1. I’ve heard similar. Problem is, exercise and vegetarianism just isn’t cutting it anymore. After the surgery, my hormones went bonkers and I think I’ve found myself in a state of constant gain 😦


  2. Hate to tell you this but I was on Keto for a few months and plateaued the last month. Went back to vegan this week and gained back ALL the weight in less than a week eating fruits and vegetables

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      1. I lost 10lbs quickly on Keto then nothing. I missed my fruits and I didn’t like the low carb veggies. It’s all back. Very frustrating

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      2. Any diet where you give up a food group you’ll loose weight. People love Keto. Many people live by it. It wasn’t bad just not for me. FYI haven’t gained any more weight in a few days and two pounds of the 10 actually came off So there’s hope.

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    1. Lifestyle. Thats the keyword, no? But I plan to do it. Because before I met my husband, I rarely ate any carbs (but then again, I ate with a fork directly from the can). So how does one live ‘real life’ with the new lifestyle? I mean, is it realistic?


  3. I did the same thing! Lost 6 and gained back 6 over the holiday. It was fast! I’m moving forward with finding balance. I think it’s fine to occasionally have a taste or two of what your not supposed to have. This allows u to have some of the goods while also forming a habit of eating healthy as much as possible.

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  4. Keto is an interesting beast. I personally had good success with it over an extended period of time, but I do also realize that every person is different and just trying to find the thing that works for you is worth the kudos!

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  5. Keto should not be called a “diet” it should be called a lifestyle. For it to work you have to be consistent and you have to change the fuel your body runs on. You have to become fat-adapted, so that your body knows to use fat as fuel instead of sugars and carbs that turn into sugars. It is not something you can go into and expect super-effective results at first unless you are consistent with it (in my experience).

    Keep at it! Effort and consistency will pay off.

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  6. I am currently following a diet and gym plan which have been working for me. I have been gained muscle in last 6 months and I noticed that my body is burning more calories also without gym and sports. In my personal experience instead of a rigid diet that is giving temporary solution I choose a lifestyle that I can sustain. I hope you are gonna find your personal diet which is working.

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    1. I hope so as well.
      Thank you so much for your comment. You are correct, in that it needs to be a lifelong change of habits as opposed to a one-off diet. It is very challenging and I hope to be where you are, one day soon! It must be AMAZING to have your body in the position where it burns calories for you! I think ‘Envy’ is the word for my feelings at the moment…


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