I Found This Last Night: What Do You Think?

Hello there πŸ™‚

Hope you are all recovering nicely from the holidays!

I was sorting through some items last night and found an envelope full of newspaper articles that had been sent to me about 10 years ago. I keep these things because they are from a beloved person who always thought to send me good recipes and interesting articles from around the world. Β She is dearly missed.


This article states that researches have found some evidence that fidelity is in a persons genetic blueprint. However, as I read it, it sounds to me like ‘dad was loyal, I am loyal’. This makes me ponder the age-old question of whether or not something is genetic or environmental? I mean, those who have grown up in families where both parents are in love, loyal and know how to work through their problems are more likely to exhibit similar characteristics.

So, what do you think: Genetic or environmental?


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8 thoughts on “I Found This Last Night: What Do You Think?”

      1. I’m hardly a genetics engineer, but know those that are so find patterns in people. Perhaps what they find ties more to responsibility, trust, monogamy, and paternal instincts.

        I had also read that poor parents (also poor decision-making) is in those with impulsive behavior, for example. πŸ˜€ Not specifically reading any of these studies, I am merely speculating.

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