Skype… WTF?!

Skype. I’m not a big fan. However, this application does prove useful for certain blog and business related scenarios. Or, it did. But guess what yours truly did…

I opened my computer to research a few things and I realized that Skype was running. Not just running, but, still on a call, running! Apparently, when we were having the storm that kept cutting the electricity, and I was on a Skype conference at the time the electricity cut, the call somehow never fully disconnected and I had been LIVE BROADCASTING on a Skype call for more than 3 days! OMG! How this is possible, I do not understand. When the electric cut, everything went off. But there it was – Skype – still running from my last call! IIIIIKKK!

I think I am done with Skype.

To say ’embarrassing’ is just not adequate.


*Photo sourced via Pixabay

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20 thoughts on “Skype… WTF?!”

    1. Well, I can safely say now that you aren’t being paranoid if people are really listening to you! LOLz
      What a nightmare. Guess I never have to worry about dealing with those nice people again :/

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  1. hello, Mliae

    I am midnightlion, producer of funky news, news for kids
    I am really inspired by you. and I would love it if you would maybe send some short, cool experiments on comments for kids to try at home.
    please get back to me asap
    many thanks


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