Have you heard the saying ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’? That saying supposedly came into being in England during the 17th century when there were many homeless cats and dogs that would drown during heavy storms and float down the streets, making it appear as if it had, in fact, been raining cats and dogs.

Morbid, but interesting. I often wonder about the origins of sayings that seem so bizarre.

Have you heard about this one?


*Source: Livin3


8 Comments on “Random Factoids: 17.1.2019

  1. Interesting! And yes, pretty morbid too! Yet another reason I am grateful not to have lived back then. I love learning little facts like this!

    • You and I both, that’s for sure! Weird facts are fun. Nothing quite like the eyeball I get from my friends when I start pouring out these little beauties ;P

    • As morbid as it is, it really is fascinating to learn how these sayings came to being. I never would have imagined it would be because of this…

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