So, I’ve been doing kept and intermittent fasting. So far, it’s going great! I have lost the holiday weight. Yay!

I have also been torturing myself. As you can see, I have spent A LOT of time reading food blogs recently. And it’s making me hungry. But I love food blogs, so alas, I read. But hey, food bloggers, could you maybe not put such amazing photos of your delicious dishes? If you could just make your creations look ugly, that would really help me out. Thanks ;P

Add all those drool-worthy recipes to a massive dose of daily stress and guess what you get? Me, on a comfort food weekend. That’s what. And it’s going to happen. So, we’ll see on Monday what kind of damage I have done to myself. In the meanwhile, I will enjoy every moment of it!

Chips down the hatch!



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