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Getting to Know You 29.01.2019

I read an interesting blog post about 1 week ago (which, of course, I am unable to find so I can link to it now…) which was talking about the insecurity that particular blogger had. ‘Will you like this?’ ‘ Do I suck?’ ‘ Will anyone read this?’ and I had to comment. I comment that, well, we all suck! Hah. That I think that our real-ness is what makes blogs so popular. When we are reading a blog vs. any kind of marketing material, we all feel a bit at ease because we know (in most cases) that there is a real person behind it. A real person with real emotions, experiences, needs… Not a team of marketing professionals that are blending together the ideal persona for their particular branding needs.

This blog post, really made me think. There are basic needs that every one of us has. We all need to be loved. We all need to survive. We all need to feel like our lives are worthwhile. And I think that we, as publishers, all need to feel appreciated for putting ourselves out there!

So my question for today is: Do you have these same needs and insecurities?

I know I do!


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  1. Totally, I think you expressed it really well. Our need to be appreciated and to feel that our lives somehow touch others is so fundamental that it underpins every step we take. Sincere appreciation from people that I care about makes my day, and I hope that within my own feeble powers, I am able to shine a light for someone else, too.

    • Thank you for commenting this! It’s no so easy to admit sometimes, I think.
      Agreed though, I would be wary if someone was overly secure in their own abilities.

  2. Yes, of course… I would be lying if I say I didn’t pay attention to the stats… Some brands get more views and likes… but on the other hand, I still find it important to write about what I find important. Otherwise I can’t stay motivated. Each blog post is a piece of yourself you’re putting out there. If it doesn’t feel like me, I’d be just one of the many. Now I’m just me :). And if there’s at least one person who appreciates it, I’m motivated to continue… xoxo Sarah

    • There is something to say for being yourself. I like your thoughts about this. It’s so true that too many people write about what they think they should write about, instead of just ‘doing what you do’.

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