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Oops! Your Patience Is Needed…

Yours truly decided that she was going to give this blog a complete make-over. In the process, I seem to have installed some items which did not work well with my format and seems to have scrambled … or just deleted…. many things on this website.

Basically, I got a bit over-motivated and broke my site. 🙁

I am working with wordpress to correct these ‘issues’ as quickly as just is possible. Please be understanding. We will find a way to get things back to normal soon!

Thank you 🙂

I. am. an. idiot.



  1. Oh my! I have done that very thing as well. Hence, why I’m now slighty paranoid to tweak it in any way. Lol! I really need to get over that. We’re simply all idiots at one point or another. Then we’re brilliant and can fix our messes. Your site will be back in order before you know it!

  2. You ARE NOT AN IDIOT! Nothing ventured nothing gained..and NO GUTS NO GLORY! The only way to improve is try new things. As Mark Twain Saidin so many words trying the same thing repeatedly only gets the same results.You were reaching for an even better blog! So I salute you for the effort!

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