February Declutter: Update

Hello all πŸ™‚

I just wanted to share a quick update on how my February declutter is going. Things are progressing quite nicely. Although I must confess that it seems so odd that I really can’t yet notice the difference that I was hoping to see. Except the bookshelf. My bookshelf makes me smile now! Β I have a few theories on why this is. These last few weeks, I have been focusing on random objects. Products that have been used or expired, items that I notice and think to myself ‘I can do without that’, a plate or cup that has been chipped…. So I think that when taking one random item from somewhere and ridding myself of it, it is barely noticed. (This should be a big thing to consider when making future purchases. Is it important enough that I will actually notice if I no longer have it?) When I decluttered my books, I took away everything from the shelves and only replaced the items which I enjoyed, was excited to read or which have a function. Now it looks completely different! I think I need to repeat this process in another area for the upcoming 10 days of this month.

There is one are of the place that’s showing some big spaces. It seems that those electric cuts we had, managed to break some of our small appliances in the kitchen. So, we said goodbye to our coffee machine and microwave. Happily, we do have a press to keep the morning java monsters happy. πŸ˜‰ In some way, I don’t so much miss the microwave though. Yes, really. I find myself wondering if we really do need to purchase a new one. It makes things easier and faster, of course. But…as we don’t eat ready meals (you know, the ones in the plastic boxes that require a micro), really everything we eat can be heated in the oven. Or that’s how it seems anyway. Β *As I sit here thinking to myself….’am I missing something? There has to be something that we like that can only be made in the micro.’….’am I REALLY writing this?? People are going to think I’ve lost it!’* Β So, there is that. And in a small space, missing something the size of a micro and coffee machine, well, that does show a big difference.

I am listing below some of the brave people who have joined me in this decluttering challenge (because EVERYTHING is better when you do it with friends!) I’m hoping they will let us know how it’s going and maybe even drop a link if they’ve posted updates too!

Janet’s Writing Blog

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Elle Knowles

How is your February decluttering? Would you like to join us?! πŸ˜€


*Photo sourced via Pixabay

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19 thoughts on “February Declutter: Update”

  1. Now you’ve got me doing books. There is a place called restore that more than welcome book donations for habitat for humanity. They also have a huge library if you want continue overstocking your shelves lol


  2. I’m still decluttering. Some days I throw out only one or two things, but some days I clean out and entire drawer or cupboard. It’s definitely a process but one I intend to continue. (Sorry if I posted more than once. I”m not sure my first reply came through.)


    1. That’s so great! Does your place feel totally different now?
      No worries about the multiples. I’ve had to set my comments to approval, so they just don’t show up until I approve them. Sori :/


  3. This is such a good idea! I find myself to be somewhat of a hoarder and definitely a shopaholic but I hate being wasteful and having clutter around me which puts me in somewhat of a difficult position! I’ll be looking around my house seeing what I don’t need and getting rid of it now. And hopefully I’ll be more thoughtful when buying new things. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey that’s great! So glad to have you joining us for the declutter! πŸ˜€
      I hear you. It is full of irony to love shopping but hate clutter. I am the same way. And am trying to break my own habits before it gets completely out of control.


  4. Just keep working on it! I’ve been working on decluttering and teaching myself good tidying and cleaning habits. I’m making lots of progress in baby steps. Sometimes I pick an area, other times I pick a category.


  5. For a category, I might decide to work on clothing, so I’ll focus on clothing. Or I might focus on papers I have lying around, or books, or my junk drawers.


      1. Best of luck! It takes some work, but you’ll get there. My biggest struggle is keeping things in their designated “home” after I’ve used them.


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