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Getting To Know You 03.03.2019

What is the worst gift you’ve ever received?

My answer: An empty box!



    • It would be, yes. This was by accident though. Apparently, they had help wrapping their gifts and mine was wrapped with nothing inside. We all had a laugh. I still went home with an empty box though :/

  1. I typically find a use for everything I’m given. It’s hard to pick out something that’s a bad gift. Probably the white elephant gift exchange we had where I opened the box and hair curlers exploded everywhere. White elephants are meant to be bad gifts, but I was so embarrassed when it made a big mess.

      • It is pretty much a joke gift exchange. The gifts are meant to be bad for a laugh. It was quite a surprise!

      • Hah! Sounds like they did what they were supposed to! Exploding curlers. I am sure that was a shock! 😉

  2. The worse gift I ever got was a gift someone gave me because they thought they had to, as opposed to really wanting to. That just took something special away from the whole exercise.

    • Ah, yes. The obligatory gift. Those are always awkward. You always know because there’s nothing special in it. Just kind of ‘hey, I got this on the trip here.’. Sorry to hear that :/

  3. Once, a friend raved about a book so much that I asked to borrow it. I made it to the halfway point out of respect for my friend, but ultimately I couldn’t stand it, and gave it back, admitting to m friend that it wasn’t for me and I couldn’t finish it. He doesn’t have the greatest memory, and he gave me a copy of the book for Christmas…two years in a row.

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