The Blogger That Doesn’t Love Social Media

Good evening all,

Social media is a thing. A big thing that has really made itself a ‘must’ in our modern world. So what do you do when….you aren’t just loving it? Is it even allowed to not be a huge fan of social media? Or must we all be living by our smart phones 24-7?

I’m not averse to all social media. Twitter I check on sometimes. Vero I have actually found myself liking, but still maybe on a bi-weekly basis. But when it comes to things like Instagram or Facebook, I’m just not that interested. I’ve been thinking about this quite often. As in, why? I did, formerly, spend quite a bit of time on social media. But then I seem to have hit a time in my life where I just began wondering if it really is as important as (the mysterious) they say. I think that the reason may be a combination between the impulsive need to overshare every aspect of ones life with the world with the fact that people’s lives on social media are, for the most part, complete falsehood.

I’m a blogger. I love blogging. This is my happy place. Which is what makes this so weird, because I love oversharing about my life, here, on the blog. But I do not like sharing my personal world with social media. One would ask themselves, what is the difference between sharing your personal life on the internet, and sharing your personal life on…well, the internet? And that person would win, because I do not know.

Having said that; While I do try to keep this blog as realistic to my life as possible, I do not share every small strange thing that happens during my day either. I am certain that if you, my readers, realized what a boring person I can be, that on some days I forego the heels/designer/makeup all together and opt for a rather ‘do you have a hangover?’ look,  or how hilarious I find fart jokes, you would abandon me all together in search of someone a bit more ‘presentable’. (I really hope not!) But I feel like you know me, here. You know my interests, you know that I am camera shy, you know that I stumble in heels sometimes, that I am a fail with domestic duties and that I cannot seem to be able to follow a proper recipe. And yet, you still create a community with me here. (Thank you!!!) So, I can be me here.

However on social media, especially Instagram & FB, its all about the image. Yes, we can all take a 1 second photo of ourselves in perfect hair and make-up and heels, before life makes us normal people again. But is that really the healthiest version of ourselves to share with the world? And what about the pressure to continue the performance once our 1 second photo becomes old? Oh, you want another one? A different location? I’m a traveller now, no, I’m a glamour mom, oops, I’m a pilot! And once that gets old? Lunch…here’s my lunch! Let’s be honest people: Does anyone actually want to see what kind of food blob I have on my plate?? No. I didn’t think so.  And I just cannot keep up pretense.  This puts me in a difficult position because I love my blog and the internet says I need to be as active as possible on social media because I want people to read my blog. Hmph. I think I will just stay with blogging, thank you. (Also, thank you to those of you who do share my blog posts on twitter!)

In a world where it is becoming increasingly unpopular for one to be themselves & hold their own thoughts, wouldn’t it be nice to just be boring, weird selves?


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21 thoughts on “The Blogger That Doesn’t Love Social Media”

  1. I feel like you about social medias like Facebook… I used to be very active a couple of years back, but I got bored of it, and I only kept my account open, just in case. I still don’t completely get Twitter, and rarely visit it, but I must admit that I like using Instagram for my pictures, I just don’t post photos of myself 😉 I understand that people who want to be power bloggers, and generate more traffic, use these medias to bring more people to their blogs, but I am just not “that” motivated. My blog is my blog, and I am fine with not being a super active social media player!


  2. I am only on Facebook, but mostly for my blog now. I too find it very boring. I have to admit, it was a lot more interesting before they started censoring everything. My blog is connected to Facebook, and with that, as well as my Linkedin account, I have a lot of people that see my blog. Otherwise, I don’t think i would use it much.anymore. I am with you, and my blog is one of my happy places. I feel we are more of a community whereas Facebook is just cruel and brutal. People think because they cannot see you that whatever they say is OK, and does not hurt. But it does. I find most people on Facebook to be so fake and phony, even a lot of my friends, both real and Facebook only friends.


    1. A valid point! I do not understand this happening – where people just rage on the net, because they feel they are somehow untouchable? It is hurtful. Quite much so!


  3. I know I reply too often but I loved your comments and thoughts and I agree. I especially about being able to sometimes just be so comfortable that boring or even a slob! I was just giggling thinking of some of outfits I come out in when no one is around except my husband of a million years who doesn’t notice😅


    1. Welcome! It seems we are in good company. I was worried that people would think me quite strange, but the opposite seems to be true! 😀 Thank you so much for commenting!


  4. I definitely share a lot of my life on my blog but I don’t have any other social medias. Oops! I don’t care if it’d bring more readers to my blog, I just don’t find any of them entertaining & I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with it all.


    1. I understand that, completely! It is nice to be in good company with this. I felt a bit like a weirdo admitting that I’m not such a big fan of social media. Thank you for sharing that you aren’t either 🙂


  5. I actually didn’t do any social media until last year, when I started my blog and Instagram at about the same time. I like Instagram because of all the cool travel and book pictures I see (I’ve discovered several great books there). On my own account, I don’t post pictures of myself. I’m perfectly fine with my bitmoji being my social media face.


  6. please let me follow you. I cannot agree more. The Social Animals Documentary by Netflix reminds me that I need to blog again, and how bothering social media is lately.


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