When Does Comfort Wear Turn Into Frump?

Comfort wear; We love it, we need it and sometimes – we live in it. But when does it become a bit too much…frump?

I’ve been binge watching ‘What Not To Wear’ and it seems that the one thing everyone has in common is that comfort wear turns into everything wear. It is very easy for this to happen, and I can easily see how. I love my comfortable clothing at home. But even then, I feel guilty for not looking my best for my husband. Isn’t that the most important person to look amazing for?!

Remember this?


Now, before you riot, I am not requesting that anyone take themselves back to this. What I am wondering though is how did we go from this – making an effort with our appearance just because we woke up in the morning – to paint covered college pants that should have been discarded long ago? You may not be guilty of this. If it’s so, you are a better person than I.

With the relatively recent appearance of athleisure, the line has blurred even further. Now it seems that college-type pants/shirts are in fashion to wear everywhere. (Even with something looking remarkably similar to a sports bra as a top?!?) Perhaps I am showing my age, but I just cannot make myself wear it out of the house unless I’m in a gym.

I know that there is a line somewhere with this and that somehow we’ve just allowed ourselves to get so comfortable being comfortable that some people seem to no longer be bothered by their own frump (yours truly, included) until someone reminds us of it and then we are mortified. I mean, has this habit of frump become so commonplace that it’s now a happening that to look well put together makes one stand out? I can tell you that I feel that way sometimes. I love feeling that I look good. That you can see that I put thought into my appearance before going out in the world. But as fashions get more casual, I feel … out of place when I am in a dress and heels. That is such a strange feeling. To feel at least somewhat confident in my outfit, but then to be overwhelmed with self-consciousness about it at the same time. However, when I just throw on something comfortable that fits and keeps me warm and don’t think much else about it, I don’t feel confident in that either. (I do feel cozy though!) *That just went a bit off topic*

I was talking about frump. I don’t know, maybe it’s me. You see, I don’t really have a grey area with fashion. I either look like I put in some effort, or I look like I slept in my clothes. So maybe that’s why this is nagging at me so much. Some miraculous people can look perfectly coifed in comfort clothes. Me? Not so much.

I don’t know where you are on this spectrum, but for me, it has gotten my attention. After this post, at least I myself will be making more of an effort at home (as that is where I have gotten too comfortable being a slob) to look nice for the person who I truly want to impress. I mean, why should he get the mess when the rest of the world sees my best (or at least my ‘It’ll do’)? It just doesn’t seem logical, does it.

I do love being comfortable though.  Hmmm… What about you?


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12 thoughts on “When Does Comfort Wear Turn Into Frump?”

      1. Haha – yeah, that!
        I do actually have some pants that will work. They are just a bit … small. Working hard to drop some weight now, so I won’t spend the money on new clothes that fit me now, but maybe not 3 weeks from now. So, I complain here ;P


  1. There’s actually a show called, ‘What Not To Wear’? YIKES!😂

    You’re right, dressing up, even a little, has gone down the drain. I think ‘casual Friday’ is an abomination. (I know, showing my age). But ‘casual’ needs a definition. When you’re going to work, you’re not going to a bar, so don’t dress like it. But, as I tell my wife, I’m not complaining (oh, yes I am). Good posting. Food for thought. By the way, since retiring, I’ve forgotten how to tie a tie and my closet is full of jeans which I wear if I can get up the energy to take off my sweat pants!!!🤪


    1. There is, it’s a real thing. It’s not a new programme, but one of the very few makeover programmes which don’t involve surgery.
      Don’t worry about that tie if you don’t just need it! 😉


    1. Yes! This! Exactly 😀 😀
      Having winter wardrobe problems here also. It’s impossible to feel pretty while wearing one of everything we own…no? Spring and summer are made for fun & pretty dresses and skirts!


      1. YES! I’m only 5’3/4″ and I just feel bulky and huge with all the layers! CA does have “mild” (I freeze at anything below 70) winters so I shouldn’t complain too much!


      2. I understand totally about the bulk. I am a bit envious though, that your winters are relatively warm. Maybe we should go there, it sounds great But, if you’re cold – you’re cold! Snuggle in and keep warm 😀


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