Guest Post: Mentally Preparing For New Job Opportunities

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I sometimes have the opportunity to share guest posts on this blog. Though written for those who are entering the job market, I thought that this would be a good post for all of us. As global unemployment rates are staggering and many are hesitant to search for more suitable workplaces, it can be intimidating to interview in any circumstance.  This post has some good ideas for generating ‘small talk’ (helpful for those of us who don’t quite see the need for it) and calming the nerves.



Searching for a job does seem scary. Whether you are a student who has just graduated or just a person who did not like their previous job, this can be an overwhelming process. You need to be focused and choose the position and company that fits your needs. Do not be afraid to take some time off and think about what you want, and what makes you happy. Read about different companies and what they offer. You do not change jobs every month, so make sure to find the best company for you. Mentally preparing for new job opportunities is tough, but it can be done. Keep on reading to find some useful advice.

Know What You Want

Okay, you moved to another city in order to find a better job opportunity. However, it is not going to be that easy. The world is not black and white. Before you even start relocating and job seeking, make sure to know what your wishes are and what your possibilities are. If those two correspond, then you are a very lucky person. But, most of the time, things are not as simple as that. Having a dream job is important – it will make you feel happy, but bare in mind that not everybody can do what they dreamed about. So, take some time off, write a CV, and see what you can actually do.

Do a detailed research about the company you are interested in. Before applying, see if you can fit in there.

Prepare For a Job Interview

Do not freak out! It is not possible to learn everything about your new position and company. So, do not even try to do that. A job interview is not like a test in school. Even if you decide to learn everything possible and invest a lot of time and practice, maybe it will appear on your job interview, maybe it will not. The preparation is important, but maybe you should have a different approach. Be focused and learn just the most important things. Interview questions change from time to time and from interviewer to interviewer. But there are some common topics and questions that you can practice on. Also, do not forget to work on your skills and self-confidence. So, before you move to some of the cities that offer a lot of job opportunities, like NY, prepare for your move to NYC in advance.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Many of us know that our university does not always prepare us for what is coming. So, after you graduate, take some time off to work on your skills. It is quite possible that your new job will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before. Because of this, make sure that you are prepared. Sometimes, you will not have to guess what is required of you at your new job because your employer has already let you know. Brushing up on your skills is a must. This applies to all job positions. Do not be afraid, everything that you forgot can be learned again if you start early. If possible, take some online courses to brush up on your skills. If you still have your books from college, do some light reading.

Do You Need Any New Clothes or Equipment?

New job, new you! Your new job is probably not like your previous one. So, think about the changes you need to make before your first day. Do you have suitable and professional clothes? Think of something simple and professional that you feel confident in. If you do not have something like that, go and buy it immediately. The last thing you want on your first day of work is to be limping around because of blisters or be distracted by an itchy sweater. Remember that it is all about the first impression. Moreover, think about the equipment that you will need. If your laptop does not work properly, or some things need updating, do that before your first day. Remember the stationary. Buy some notebooks to help you organize. If you come dressed professionally, the employers will take you more seriously.

Prepare Some Conversation Starters

Sometimes, people just get confused and scared. In those situations, the first reaction is being silent. You definitely do not want that. Try to be as sociable as possible. Force yourself to talk to employers, colleagues, or if you still do not have the job, try talking to random people. Preparing some light conversation in your head cannot do any harm, only save you from uncomfortable silence. For example, you can use some of these ice breakers:

· Weather over the past few days

· Traffic or the daily commute, especially in major cities · Funny or unusual news, like Yahoo’s Odd News

· Recent viral YouTube videos

· Local sporting events, especially if the team is having a good season

· Major television events like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and the Grammys

· Recent movies, especially blockbusters

· Weekend plans

· Upcoming holiday plans

· Upcoming vacation plans

· Recent vacations

· Compliments on a new hairstyle, especially for women

Take it Easy

Remember not to stress out a lot. Of course, preparing for a job interview is overwhelming, but try to prepare better for it mentally. If you know what you are seeking for, then, it should not be that hard. Focus on your good sides, and try to work more on your bad ones. If you have some time between jobs, try to take care of all of your personal stuff. But do not get burnt out before you even start. Try to relax, read a good book or watch your favorite movie. If possible, take a short trip to recharge. Those are just some of the things you can do in order to mentally prepare for new job opportunities. Just remember to focus on the positive, and find what suits your needs the most.

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